The Blog of Funny Names goes to the movies



It’s my monthly turn on the wheel of writers with sharp oberservational eyes over at The Blog of Funny Names. I’m speaking of King Dave, and Arto, and Kerbey, and Fannie, and Liz, and Mark. Not myself. Over there, I’m the Other Mark, the Markie come lately, the newest scribe on the block.

Here’s how good they are: Last month, Fannie wrote about John Hinerwadel of Syracuse, the guy who came up with the salt potato, and used me as a source!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do. Click on all of their entries and enjoy their wonderful ways with words.

My contribution today starts:

So many movies, so many funny names.

I come here today not to clobber you over the head with a doozie of a show-stopper. Perhaps another month.

No, since my last contribution to BoFN, I’ve sat in the darkened theater four times and then had to type-type-type-type names connected with the quarter of films for my weekly Film Review blog gig for and always had check-check-check-check the funny spellings of these funny names on the IMDb site to make sure I’d gotten the right.

Shall we start backward, from yesterday’s entry? …

Click here to find the rest of the story there.

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