‘The Age of Adaline’ adds up too easily

(From syracusenewtimes.com)

(From syracusenewtimes.com)

From the start, I wanted to really like “The Age of Adaline.” A woman who won’t age because of a lightning strike following a car accident … well, I won’t go all spoiler on you, but you can read Film Review blog at the Syracuse New Times site by clicking the link below.


I even enjoyed the acting of Blake Lively, Harrison Ford, Michiel Huisman, Kathy Baker and Ellen Burstyn.

Yet I found the pace more than a tad slow. Maybe that gave me too much time to think, because I could figure out every move that came next, too. I wanted to shake the characters and say, get a move on! I understand that not all movies are action-adventure, shoot-’em-ups. I accept a good talkie. Educate me and entertain me.

And don’t let me guess right every time, please.

Today’s Movie Questions:

Do you find yourself getting bored at some movies, and if so, what makes you shut it down? Do you expect a certain amount of movement when you go to a fantasy? Do you think you’d like to stay the same age for 90 years, and why or why not?

36 thoughts on “‘The Age of Adaline’ adds up too easily

  1. When I first saw the preview for Adeline, I thought it might look good… But by the second and longer preview, I already had doubts. By the third time I saw a preview, I knew I’d hate it for the very reason you described. I was hopeful that Gone Girl was going to be good, but I knew every thing that would happen before it did.


  2. I don’t think I would want to remain the same age for 90 years. But maybe a little longer than we currently get… But I would want to have health and happiness with it….is that sounding greedy?


  3. Mark, I was really hoping this would be a good film. I watched many of the time traveling stories, some with less plot and more imagination. I like the show, “Forever,” about a forensic scientist who can die and come back over and over again.The actor I like is the one who plays the ‘son.’ Judd Hirsch. I like this show’s premise, but sometimes my mind wanders. I liked Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour in “Somewhere in Time” and of course, for fun, “Back to the Future” and all its sequels.


    • Oh, “Sixth Sense” and also, agreeing with Diana, “A Beautiful Mind” really took me awhile to understand he was having a schizophrenic friendship with the spies. I had to watch both twice to really ‘get’ them, Mark. I am a little dense, I guess! ha ha!


    • This is not time traveling, at all, but age stuck, Robin. It’s almost time traveling in reverse. She just lives and lives and lives and lives … yawn. I like all the things you mention for your own enjoyment, my friend.


  4. I’m a terrible person to watch a movie with because I’m ADD – at home I might literally read a book while watching a movie, but at the very least I’ll be reading something online, and playing a game, and maybe doing crafts, and probably petting some dogs, while also returning correspondance and paying bills. So if a movie bores me, it’s my own damn fault.

    I missed this screening but kinda figured it wasnt’ that great when Paul Blart made more money than it did.


  5. Mark, my jobs in the past have necessitated that I think a few steps ahead. I find that I guess the plot of movies 8/10 times. A movie that totally stumped me was A Beautiful Mind. Although I’m good at guessing movies, most books keep me guessing to the very end… I wonder what the difference is… ❤
    Diana xo

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  6. Thank You… will wait until it comes out for netflix… thank you! I dislike a movie where your predictions are correct. I like great drama and not boring!


  7. i generally really like this kind of film, the slip through time, ‘sliding doors,’ ‘somewhere in time,’ ‘time traveler’s wife,’ etc. after reading your review this sounds disappointing and not really up to par with the others, hate when it’s so predictable, it takes all the fun away )

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  8. These kinds of movies have the potential to be so fun and interesting. What a shame that you basically could have written the screenplay yourself. I hate that feeling. Makes it hard to sit through the second half, knowing there’s a good chance it won’t have enough originality. I did see it was #3 at the box office.


  9. This movie looked good to me but I didn’t know it was about a woman who doesn’t age. I think it’s hard to try and represent that kind of premise in a somewhat realistic background. Not sure if that owed to the lack of action. Somewhat ironic though, I tried to click on the actual review and it wouldn’t load. Kind of waiting for the action there, ha, ha! Maybe just a temporary problem. I’ll try again later.


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