Getting out on the green with lots of action

The weather was right Thursday to start the golf season in the Syracuse area. After a winter of waiting, I was more than pleased when the trip 25 or so miles east of Syracuse to Kanon Valley Country Club took me out of my car to find KP and Tater and sun and ever-warming temperatures.

Warming up and waiting for Beels, a half-hour before our 10 a.m. tee time.

KP and Tater warm up a half-hour before our 10 a.m. tee time.

The coupon pass and $25 cart fee at this pretty private course went smoothly, and the pro was friendly and happy we were playing after receiving the special in February at the Syracuse Golf Show. He said we could head to the first tee. No need to wait for our officially booked tee time of 10.

KP drives on the first hole.

KP drives on the first hole.

Tater drives on Hole 1.

Tater drives on Hole 1.

I finish my drive at the first.

I finish my drive at the first.

The action was considerable from our first shots through the 18 holes. Tater was the winner for the day in skins. KP won stroke play on the front, but Tater took the back nine and overall. I won bupkus. As KP said somewhere along the way, first man to use our very familiar saying this year: “It’s only April.”

In other words, there’s plenty of season left to get the game in gear, straighten the drives, air out the irons, pin-point the wedges, center-cup the putts. Sure.

(Later, much later this season, I will be saying after I fail to do one and all of the above, “It’s only August.)

My best line for this day, though: I hit four good shots out of the sand. My other 100 or so, not so good.

I had one par. Enough said. KP had five! Tater had two, but also notched a lot of great bogeys on tough holes.

Like I said, there was much action.

So I offer you this gallery of our golf in motion, round one, 2015.

Click on any photo for a description. Click on the bottom right photo and hold for an enlarged slide show.

Have you enjoyed a four-hour block of time outdoors yet this spring, and if so, what activity did you partake in? If you’ve golfed, are you best at driving, iron pay, chipping or putting? Which photo is your favorite, and why?

42 thoughts on “Getting out on the green with lots of action

  1. Watching my son play lacrosse has been my longest block of time outdoors this spring–and it’s ranged from winter coat and stadium blanket to light jacket in the sunshine:). Am looking forward to the latter more and more . . . the golf course is food for the soul, isn’t it? πŸ™‚


    • Yes, golf is a great excuse for being outside in a green haven for a solid stretch, Kay. As is watching your son play lacrosse. I hope you get your warmth in the Midwest soon. Our forecast for this coming week calls for a dip back down to the 50s and lower at night, unfortunately, but I know the season is here. πŸ™‚


  2. I picture your smiling and not being able to wipe the grin off of your face, Mark!
    Felicia and I met this morning, walked at a place called, “Highbanks Park,” which was about 3 miles loop. Had coffee and split a salad at Panera. I will be posting in a minute or two, well I have to write a post but needed to visit a few folks, like you! Hope it will be a fantastic weekend for you and the Mrs. ha ha!


      • Yeah, then we got snow and now it’s warm again and the grass is really green haha. We’re coming into hail season in the next few months. Did you know that Alberta is the hail capital of the world? Seriously, there are scientists from all over the world that study it here!


  3. it looks like a great day for all of you, just sharing the space in the great outdoors and spending time together and doing something you all love. it’s one of your friendship rituals and glad you got the party started. i went to one of my fav local parks yesterday and loved walking and exploring – made me feel sure that spring was really here, and not just a tease ) i liked the ‘tater recovering from the putt’ shot, with the tree and water in the background. –


    • I’m glad you got to cement your relationship with spring out there in AA, Beth. Yay for us. That Tater shot made me happy, too, what with the great natural background the course provided. Thanks, my friend.


  4. There were a lot of best lines here, Mark.

    I’ve enjoyed blocks of times walking, walking, walking outside, now that the weather is nicer.

    There are some good lines about golf and walks — like “Golf is a good walk spoiled” — and I just found this one: “Golf: A five-mile walk punctuated by disappointments.”

    What’s your favorite best line about golf, Mark?


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