D.C. in Photos: The White House

Saturday afternoon, we strolled from our hotel on H and 7th, and my dear wife Karen pointed to the right down Pennsylvania Avenue.

It was time to see The White House. We saw the guard house and the line of tourists snaking past it on a narrow lane.

Press against the fence up ahead.

Press against the fence up ahead.

We advanced to portable barricades, where I spied another crossing, a black picket fence and many bodies lined up with faces peering through the bars.

Yes, our White House was ahead.

Pretty setting, somewhat.

Pretty setting, somewhat.

I climbed eight inches to the top of the cememt foothold and raised my iPhone 6 above the top rail. I snapped away toward the lawn, the flowering tree, tents set up for the next day’s Easter festivities, I figured. A security guard rolled behind me on a bicycle and told me to get down. I got down.

We walked back to the hotel, got ready to see Neil Diamond in concert at Verizon Center. Karen said the White House was not as she pictured it.

The next day, after our Easter Sunday roundabout of the Tidal Basin and Reflecting Pool, we walked here and there in the general direction back toward H and 7th. We passed Foggy Bottom and George Washington University. We passed a beautiful plaza with old homes on one side, including the Blair House.

We saw many tourists and a guards and unmarked cars and a black iron fence ahead to the right. Pennsylvania Avenue ahoy.

And there was the front of our White House.

Beauty up front.

Beauty up front.

It was beautiful, majestic. Just as Karen had pictured it. Our delightful mistake of the day, in fact.

Somebody important lives here.

Somebody important lives here.

Our house is a very very very White House.

Our house is a very, very, very White House.

The security was palpable. You could feel it as much as see it. No messing around here. Karen and I posed for shots we took of each other, feeling quite safe, indeed.

Seeing both sides of the premises, I figured I’d be happy to go through the back door if I ever got the chance to come over for a beer or wine or something.

Coming tomorrow: Food and Drink

See Sunday: The Night Time

Have you visited the White House, and if you did, what did you think of the grounds? What would be your special touch to the property if given the chance? What’s your favorite photo and why?


51 thoughts on “D.C. in Photos: The White House

  1. Nicely done, Mark … Looks like you had a beautiful afternoon to take that walk around. It gives a totally different feel being there and seeing the White House, the Capitol, the memorials and all the other structures that are so crucial to the running of our country. I can’t imagine living in the U.S. and not making that pilgrimage at least once.

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  2. We’ve posed in front of it before but have never been inside. You have to arrange for tickets through your congressional rep and we haven’t been successful in coordinating times yet. We did book a reservation once which the WH subsequently canceled for security reasons. One of these days, Mark, one of these days. You really are in the city at the most beautiful time of year!


  3. Awesome. You’re so lucky to visit DC, I haven’t been in years! I’ve always wanted to do the White House tour but I’m afraid with the way security is now and how you have to apply for it months ahead of time it’s probably not going to happen. Ah, well.


  4. The last pic is one that I am used to seeing but it looks like the view was cleared for picture taking. The second picture is more like what I would expect – fences and trees and landscaping.

    Fascinating series of photo posts Mark. I checked them all out but didn’t comment as i was late arriving and there were a gazillion comments – the posts are striking a chord.

    Thanks so much.


  5. I went on a White House tour back in 1991, in December, so we got to see the White House Christmas trees on display. My favorite building, structure wise, is the Supreme Court Building.


    • Wow, you got to see the inner White House. I’m a tad envious, Sheena. At Christmas time! Fantastic. The Justice buildings all were very impressive, yes, I remember from the weekend … ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. I think the security guard was related to the mother who gave you a mean look! i also think the White House is beautiful and am glad you made your happy mistake to see it as it should be seen. Foggy Bottom?!


    • I think Foggy Bottom is a great neighborhood name, Rachel. And I can’t blame the guard for doing his job. Who knows if a crazy will try to scurry over the fence after pretending to take a photo with a phone. Not me, mind you. I’d never make it over. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  7. Hey mark… Great shots and laughing at u clbing to get the photo! How fun. Also catching the blooms in DC is truly a special time to vist dc…. Anyhow now I have the tune….. Very very very white house…..๐Ÿ 


  8. Oh, Mr. B. I am glad you got down as soon as you were told to. Mrs. B married a smart man! ๐Ÿ™‚ The last time I was there it was very difficult to see the premises because of barricades, so I have never gotten a good look of the White House. Boy, you covered a lot of ground on your visit!


    • Yeah, I got so carried away trying to get the best shot, I wasn’t thinking to climb up like that. Dumb move. Reality check hearing that authoritative voice over my shoulder, Mrs. B. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      We covered as much ground as we could without feeling rushed about it. I still have a lot of posts to go! Thanks, Mrs. B.


  9. Lovely photos, Mark. This is what my girls and I were on our way to see when I realized it was Daylight Savings Time and we might miss our flight home. We quickly got off the bus and hailed a cab back to our hotel. We never did get to see the White House. Now … thanks to your photos … I have. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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