Photo 101: We depart in triumph

The Final Lesson.

I expected something dramatic as we say farewell to Photo 101, and the words sent by Krista for lesson 20 did not disappoint.

Triumph and contrast. Life serves some of the first to the fortunate and plenty of the second, always.

I looked through the photographs I’ve taken these four weeks on the screen of my iPad Air, with my mind tuned to concept and my focused on colors.

I snapped a handful of shots Tuesday when I took and picked up my wonderful daughter Elisabeth, location St. Joseph’s Hospital in downtown Syracuse, for her first day of clinical in this portion of her program to secure the credentials she needs from Onondaga Community College and New York state to become a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. For me, that was a sweet and proud moment as I reflected upon how much my adult daughter was achieving with her life.

St. Joseph's Hospital, as is.

St. Joseph’s Hospital, as is.

Hospitals surely should be a place of victorious departures after a stay of any length, I think, whether it be the feeling for a good day of hard work helping those deal with their health issues within those walls, or the personal relief and realization that the real world awaits after a recuperative visit.

The shot above is looking back at the main exit of the medical complex from the one-way traffic circle, all vehicles how heading away from those doors. This is the result of the natural lighting, with shadows.

St. Joseph's Hospital, as is.

St. Joseph’s Hospital, as is.

St. Joseph's, edited.

St. Joseph’s, edited.

Here’s the same shot, edited for brightness and contrast on the free MyPics app for iPad. I tapped the button to increase the level of both.

Done. I’d like to thank my longtime friend and lesson 17 companion Jim McKeever of Irish Investigation for inviting me to join Photo 101 along with him. I think I’ve learned a lot about making the most of my iPhone 6 and iPad Air to make my pictures better here in Bloggyville. I’ll forever take far more time considering all angles and lines for every picture I snap, for the rest of my life. Thanks for taking a peek here these four weeks, and I’ve enjoyed looking at and learning from your work.

Which of my two final Photo 101 photos do you like better, and why? If you’re a fellow Photo 101 student, what do you think is the most important piece of knowledge you’ve taken away from the workshop? What do you consider the best picture you’ve taken, and why? Go ahead and put in the link!

34 thoughts on “Photo 101: We depart in triumph

  1. It was fun watching you go through the course Mark. Of today’s photos, I like the second one best – the edited version. Of all the photos, the ones of your daughter were the very best – even though they weren’t a part of the course.


  2. Mark … I liked the 2nd photo with the natural lighting. The skies are bluer. Overall, it’s much more colorful. I’ve enjoyed your photos – and will go back and carefully take in what you’ve learned. I have an Iphone, but I also have regular digital cameras and want to make the most of using them. Thanks for sharing. ;;-)


    • I am very proud that Elisabeth has been able to continue her job and go back to school to get this certification. She is one hard working young woman, very dedicated.

      The colors are enhanced with the editing in version two, Me Who, but I don’t know if it’s creative pride or what, I still like No. 1 better.

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  3. I like the original, because the shadows make it look like the hospital is isolated from the rest of the world, which it can feel like at times depending on why you are there.

    When I did Photo 101, I really liked my one for the ‘connect’ theme, which WP ended up linking to on their site. That was kind of nifty. Maybe not the best picture, but it was fun to stage.


    • I just went back and revisted your Connect shot, Sheena. And WP was rigth to link to it on their site. That was a great photograph. Thanks. On my shots here for the finale, I like my original better also, because of the deepness and depth I find from the shadows, as you say. Edit for contrast they asked for, so I did. I found it unsatisfying, app-wise, to only be able to change things whole-photo wise. The limits of iPad editing.


  4. Mark, I like the sky better in the first edited version but the focus of the photo is the hospital, so I like the second edited version better. Hopefully I’ve learned some stuff vicariously through you and Jim – thanks for sharing your journey. ❀
    Diana xo


    • This was the very first time I used this app for any sort of editing at all, Diana. As interesting as it was, it was also frustrating because it’s all or nothing. I can’t edit part of a photo only.

      Anyway, I surely do hope that you learned along with Jim and I. That’s what the journey through Bloggyville is all about. You teach me about life in your blog every dang post. ❀

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  5. You did a great job with the edit. The building is much more clear and bright. The only component the original has that is nice is the darker contrast of the sky against the roof line. If you could pop the building like in the edit shot but keep the sky contrast in the original it would be fantastic! What I learned with this month’s challenge was to always be ready to take a shot when an unexpected opportunity arises. Some of my photos were planned but many were “right place right time”. I can’t tell you many times in my life I have seen something wonderful and said, “Rats, I wish I had my camera”. I have an SLR but I am trying to optimize my iPhone technique since it is attached to my hip at all times. My favorite photo: the one I haven’t taken yet. Great job on the challenge. I can’t wait to see what you post in the future.

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    • Thanks for your kind words and your wise words, DE. I enjoyed meeting you through the challenge, and your photos have been interesting and well-done throughout. A mix of the ready SLR and rough iPhone should do you well, and I’ll be along for the ride at your place, too. πŸ™‚

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