Is any movie worth a fourth swing at it?



To me, “A Star is Born” means a drunked-up rocker played by Kris Kristofferson doing the right/wrong/right/wrong dance with a wild-eyed optimist of a young singer played by Barbra Streisand.

To a generation that came ahead of me, Judy Garland was the young singer.

In the original, it was … well, you can trace the lineage back in today’s installment of my weekly Movie News blog for the Syrause New Times by clicking the link below.

The thrust of the report is that a new version taking off again, and this time star Bradley Cooper is fueling the ignition by considering making his debut as director.

Also at that click is a list of folks who still command salaries around the $20 million mark.

Which brings us to my Movie Day question block.

Do you think any movie story is worthy of a fourth remake, and why or why not? Who would you like to see as the leads if “A Star Is Born” is made again, and why? Do you think the big six are driving movie ticket prices so high that nobody goes to the theater anymore?

41 thoughts on “Is any movie worth a fourth swing at it?

  1. Never liked the Babs & Kris version–don’t buy Streisand in the role, although Kris did some decent work as the dissolute rocker. But how do you do this movie today? Unless you flip the script–an older female “used-to-be” pop star going with a boy band One Direction media sensation? No more rock stars these days. I guess you could make it a period piece and re-do the Garland version–or go the route of the Wiz and remake it as a hip hop movie. Not very hopeful on any level.


  2. I’ve heard of the move but haven’t seen any of the productions. My opinion is that if the quality of the production is good then the number of times it is done is not a factor.


  3. I’m definitely in the original content camp. I miss new ideas. I’m really burnt out on superheroes. A fourth remake sounds like a bad joke.


  4. No, I would not go see the remakes. And yes, the movie ticket prices are too high. I almost never go to the real theater because of that. I usually wait for the movies to either go to the drive-in for $2,50 or to the Mugs ‘n Movies restaurant theater for $3.00. It’s usually about a month after they leave the real theater, but I’m patient. 🙂


  5. I loved Judy Garland’s version best, then the one with Barbara Streisand and Kris K. made me think the story over again, in a different way. I love Bradley Cooper and he is a great actor, showing maturity and growth in many of his newer movies. He would make this worth watching, I am sure!


  6. I will be as likely to see it as I was to see the remake of “Annie.” Hollywood should only remake the rottenest tomatoes ever filmed. It’s like singing Whitney songs in vocal contests. The best you can do is a poor man’s version.


      • But if Grease was good and Grease II was terrible, then I don’t know if one should do a Grease III. I think you can only remake if the original was terrible. Speaking of that, I watched part of Help! last night (the Beatles, not The Help), and OMGoodness, they musta been smokin’ a hookah pipe bc we could not for the LIFE of us figure out what was going on. It was CRAZY.

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  7. I think I saw the KK version but can’t remember it at all.Maybe I didn’t see it. Anyway, I’m available in a reworked “last chance for fame” story twist and am even willing to comb the tangles out of my Ermigal long black wig. Do you happen to have Brad ‘s cell #, Mark?


  8. The passing forward of allegory is essential for preservation through and for posterity, for education of genY and beyond so as not to lose the depth and richness of our history of art in the ever widening sea of modern commercialism. It has been said that anything worth telling is worth retelling (that’s been said right?), so then, the question is, was it worth telling to begin with? If yes, then it’s worth retelling so long as we are not watering it down. Keep it neat, no rocks.


  9. Speaking as one older than dirt, bro Mark, I don’t go, as you well know, because I treasure my ability to hear things. The sound level in movie theaters is set for the young people who want the volume turned to ear splitting capacity. If they manage to reach 72, they will be deaf as doornails from all of this.

    As for my fave version of the movie, I’ve been secretly in love in love with Kris since he first showed up back in the 60’s, so that is my favorite. I really don’t think the world needs another version of “A Star Is Born”, and it definitely does not need a 5th one. Have to admit I didn’t think it needed the KK version until I watched it (the sound level was not as loud in the 60’s), but after seeing that version I was sold.


  10. I hope there’s no remake of a sad story of people slopping up their lives.

    I also think movie prices have nothing to do with why people don’t attend the movies. We are entertained by screens everywhere we go – even at gas stations. Everything is individualized – a room full of people and they all have their own screens they are staring into. Why pay for a bigger one that one must give his complete attention to????


    • Yes, this story line has a lot of mud on it, certainly.

      And your theory about the screens of life holds a lot of weight, especially with young people who had iPhones and iPads and video games to learn from since the crib. But I think the price of movies out does affect my generation and older, which nowadays is a core theater-goer, whether Hollywood wants to admit it or not.

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  11. i’ll always favor the babs ‘n kk version, but i’m open, with low expectations and i’m sure i’ll be weeping no matter what. also excited about aloha and now realize how underpaid i am. )


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