Drowning in the Bracket Pool after Day One?

Did you hear all those moans and hollers echoing throughout the office, bar, store, living room, every 30 minutes or so yesterday?

It was an upsetting opening day to March Madness 2015.

The New York Times was led to publish:

(From newyorktimes.com)

(From nytimes.com)

Low seeds beat high seeds all over the place.

Meanwhile, back at the Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

Good picking by my dear wife Karen.

Good picking by my dear wife Karen.

That is a familiar name in third place out of 296 in the pool we enter every year. Fourteen out of sixteen for my dear wife Karen.

Back in the pack is:

My round one.

My round one.


Here’s the link for the New York Times story.

How did you do in day one? Are you giving up or are you going to win? Where are you going to hold your victory party?

31 thoughts on “Drowning in the Bracket Pool after Day One?

  1. I had to ‘gloat’ for just a moment, for awhile we had 4 Ohio teams on the brackets! Sorry, but I had to say this but will be sad for a moment with you, sympathy for those teams you wanted to win, too. Mark, take care and enjoy some fresh, sunny air today and also, March Madness, too! Hugs, Robin


  2. Good luck to you on this! I am not betting and barely watching (sorry) but my daughter does keep me posted on Villanova. She told me that they may be playing in Syracuse next week and if so, her and her roommate will go. πŸ™‚


  3. I’m staying out of the fray, mostly because I spanked everyone in the football pool this winter and it’s not worth all the bellyaching from the sore losers… πŸ™‚
    About to become a madness widow for the weekend – husband, his brothers, and his dad all head up to the cottage for a boy’s weekend of watching the games. They used to get tickets and attend in person but lives and families have gotten in the way and this is second best. At 6’6 you know my husband played ball, as did one of his brothers (6’5), and his dad coached, so they’re all pretty invested. In fact, for his birthday this year, I gave my husband tickets (plane and game) to go to OKC to see Kevin Durant play Lebron James. I know he’s followed Durant since his college days so the trip went over well.


    • Great birthday present, Jay! I like the way you think, my friend. When I renewed our season tickets for Syracuse University football just last week, I told the box office supervisor that I needed to get my name added to my wife’s on the ticket plan finally. When she bought them way back, we weren’t married yet, and they were a surprise Christmas present for me. Great women think like this! You bet they went over well. We still get them every season. πŸ™‚


  4. So what I take from this is one of two things. Either the more you know about college hoops and the teams, the worse you do, or, more likely, your dear wife Karen knows a lot more about college hoops than you do! πŸ™‚


  5. The Blind Squirrel Picks are doing OK so far… which should come as no surprise given all the supposed upsets. I’ve only lost one team I had in the Sweet 16 (Texas), and am glad to see UCLA snuck through, since they were one of the low seeds I had picked to win twice. We shall see how Day 2 treats the rest of my bracket…


    • It can be argued that the first two days of this hootenany are the most fun, Bill. May your Blind Squirrel Picks prosper … but not at the peril of my dear wife Karen’s bracket buster’s, of course. πŸ™‚


    • I would have edited bitter right out of that sentence, too, Ross. My best guess is the writer was intending to hint back to the fact that the coach now has to go back to the sidelines with that big, bad leg injury. That’s a stretch. The Achille’s tendon, that is. No, a tear … See, it didn’t work for me, either.

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