Vin Diesel feels family love as ‘Fast’ opening approaches



This emotional feeling about “Fast and Furious 7” is moving into overdrive.

The movie made after the tragic death of star Paul Walker opens on April 3. For more than a year now, his co-stars and the crew have been dealing with the loss of their friend, who perished in a car accident in November 2013, which had nothing to do with his making of the movie.

Vin Diesel showed up to talk to LA fans at an advanced screening. I write about what happened in my weekly Movie News blog for the Syracuse New Times. You can read today’s installment by clicking the link below.

Also, my piece there talks about a Cinema Blend reporter’s list of the top 10 women comic actors of today that should get a movie all of their own.

Will you drive fast to the theaters to see “Fast and Furious 7,” wait until it shows up elsewhere, or skip it? Do you dig Vin Diesel when he gets sensitive, or which that he’d stay tough guy? Who are your favorite women comic actors who should be starring in movies now?

26 thoughts on “Vin Diesel feels family love as ‘Fast’ opening approaches

  1. Not one I’m interested in bro Mark. All death by accident is tragic, but only the stars and politicians get the ink. The young girls here who were hit by a drunk driver traveling the wrong way on a one way street was a tragedy, but it only made a paragraph in the local paper under the Police Reports. That was a bigger tragedy in my book.


      • Seems like it is just a paragraph on the back page now brother. There was a time, but with everyone in D.C guilty of DWI, and everyone in Frankfort guilty, they have problems trying to convict the idiots driving in the wrong lane with no headlights. He was guilty of a hit and run 5 minutes before, which is how he lost his headlights, but it took the head on crash to disable his car enough that he couldn’t get away again.
        I hope he sobered up enough to know what he did and will live with that knowledge for the rest of his miserable life.


  2. I know my husband’s looking forward to this. he’s dragged me to a few (although there are some in the middle where not all the cast stars).


  3. I am definitely looking forward to seeing this flick. It’s a very entertaining franchise, and this one will tug at the heartstrings after the death of Paul Walker…


  4. i’m not a huge f and f fan, so probably won’t see it, but i do think people bond when making movies, especially a series and his feelings are probably heartfelt. i like his sensitive side, no worries about that for me. women in films? funny ones? tina and amy, kristen whig.


  5. Yeh, he’s a funny one isn’t he, Vin. I quite like him… and it surprises me!
    Best comedy actress… Geena Davis ๐Ÿ™‚ You be Thelma ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll be Louise ๐Ÿ˜‰


  6. I supposed his death is as tragic as anyone else that dies in a car accident, and his friends and family will miss him terribly. To use his death to hype a mindless movie franchise seems a more than a little tasteless — especially since it’s not like the world lost some great artist. “Oh my god, this is the VERY LAST Paul Walker movie ever!!!” Paul Walker was no James Dean or John Lennon, cut down before their time.


    • To his fans, he was, my friend. I’m not a big Paul Walker fan, nor one of the FandF franchise. But he really had his niche with the car thing, I have to admit that. And I do not get the feeling that any of Vin’s outpouring in the last year was to pimp the movie. I really think he misses his friend. They made 6 3/4 of these dang films together, you know?

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