OK, you’re still the boss

Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood

Snowing again in Syracuse, March 15, 2015.

Did this past week of 40-degree (F) temperatures raise my spirits and optimism here in Syracuse, N.Y.?

Yes, indeed.

Did I enjoy the magnitude of snow melt we’d experienced after 50 straight days of sub-freezing weather and snow that topped 100 inches?

Sure thing.

Did I think we’d escaped winter’s icy fingers?

No, I’ve lived in this part of our world since 1983.

So I offer you the view from the back porch of the Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood this morning of March 15, 2015, six days before the calendar arrival of spring.

That is snow sticking to the screen, falling in the air, and re-accumulating in the paths worn down by Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle.

Although not an official entry to any of the themes in Photo 101, I’ve added the tags. Enjoy and appreciate, friends, followers and classmates in more temperate climes. And happy Sunday.

What’s it doing outside your windows right now? In the Northeast U.S., were you teased and tickled by Spring-like conditions this week, too? What’s on the schedule today?

66 thoughts on “OK, you’re still the boss

  1. noooooo….. I’m so sorry, Mark! That’s awful. Arrrgh. Minnesota has had its share of March snow, though so far so good as we returned from vacay to 100% snow melt and 70F. Though rumor has it that it gets cold again tomorrow. And it can snow in April, too, so we’re not necessarily home free. But I feel for you. Winter is relentless. But promising better days ahead. And think of all the exercise you’re getting with the shoveling πŸ˜‰


    • Potential exercise, Liz. I looked at and said, It’ll melt. It hasn’t, but MDW Karen will be able to back right over it and onto her journey to work in a couple of minutes. Welcome home from your vacay. Your weather was a warm embrace! You’re right, though. April snow is always possible here, too. 😦


  2. We’re always good for a late March snow even in my neck of the woods. I’m not letting the 60’s we’ve enjoyed for much of the past week fool me…

    Apropos of nothing, I happened to catch this post in my Reader this morning when it only had the title and no content. I didn’t know what to make of it, but a blank post simply saying, “OK, You’re Still the Boss” kinda cracked me up….


    • The copy could have read: Dude’s stubby fingers brush Publish on iPad after writring title … writes rest of post fast as possible.

      Ack! Hate when that happens. Can’t put the post back in the can, so might as well just type away, Just like bearing with the late March snow. The local weather guy just said more Tuesday morning. Oy, Bill.


  3. Today we reached 17 Celsius here in Manitoba Canada. It has been a warm week (unusual for here at this time of year) and I know it wont last but Yup I am still hoping. Please keep your snow there. Thank you


  4. No snow, but we had a temperature setback here today as well–ten degrees below what the meteorologist promised. I’m seriously thinking of waiting for that guy in the parking lot around 11:45, once he’s done for the night, and having a little talk.


  5. Oh my heart sank for you MBM. We have sun and more sun. The only reason I didn’t go on a bike ride is I had small wonders to go and see. But we did go out side today with them. Took them to a park. Did some outside exploring with them. Hang in there!!!!!! It’s on the way!!!


  6. Spring has sprung here in Ireland, but I predict rain on Tuesday as it is St Patrick’s Day. We can’t even imagine the amount of snow you write of as, in a bad winter we might get an inch of snow and the country almost shuts down.


  7. Yes, LOVED the warm weather, started running again! Today I walked with Tabby through some pretty Christmas card snow, then drove over some steep, twisty back roads through an almost blizzard! I was laughing at myself (I have a lamentable tendency to laugh during bad weather). I may write a blog post about it.


  8. That does not raise my spirits. Dreary, gloomy, makes you want to sing “Here Comes The Sun” and will it to happen. These are lessons in patience, my friend.


  9. It was a warm spring here all last week and then cold and damp today. Sorry you have more snow. Loved the use of re-accumulating. Now we have snow re-accumulating and beverage regret. πŸ™‚


  10. I feel for you! We are around 60 today, but we still have a few good dumps of snow left (hopefully). Since I’ve lived in WY i’ve seen snow in every month but August!


    • July Fourth is our day off from it here, Katie. … …. …

      There, I had to give it the right amount of comedic pause. Really, though, we’ve had it in October and May in front of my eyes, so June to September are our safe zones. You have a wild ride in Wyoming. Wow.


  11. It snowed here in Ottawa last night Mark and is still spitting. Not a lot of accumulation – perhaps 2 inches – but enough.


  12. It was good to see the green out in the yard. We still have piles of dirty snow slush here and there, and the mud is everywhere. We are in northern Ohio, and we never know what the weather will bring next. When I hear people tell me they are leaving Ohio because they can’t stand the weather…I just tell them “go ahead…go.”


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