Two songs, too little air time for Syracuse’s ‘Voice’ rep

The Battle Round on 'The Voice.'

Josh Batstone vs. Nathan Hermida on ‘The Voice,’ short version.

It was Two and No Thank You for Syracuse area singer Josh Batstone on “The Voice.”

For the second song in a row, the teen singer from Fulton, N.Y., turned in a performance that was whittled down to less than a minute of NBC singing competition air time instead of the full-blown drama afforded the bulk of the other performers.

In this Battle Round, the four coaches pair off members of their team to sing against each other, two-by-two, and then decide who survives to sing with them another night.

Midway through Tuesday’s show, viewers found out lumped with another battle disclosure, that Adam Levine had paired Batstone against Boston’s Nathan Hermida.

Josh Batstone tries to win over Adam Levine on 'The Voice.'

Josh Batstone tries to win over Adam Levine on ‘The Voice.’

Snippets were shown of them performing “Thinking Out Loud,” Ed Sheeran’s hit. And then Levine picked Nathan over Josh. None of the other three coaches used their available steals to snatch up Batstone to compete in round three.

Short and successful was this national exposure for the 18-year-old Batstone in the grand scheme most certainly, but also a tad disappointing for viewers in Central New York.

Why the short-sell two songs in a row, NBC?

The network has posted a “web exclusive” interview with Batstone and Hermida from before the battle.

If you saw the show, could you decide between Batstone and Hermida? Do you like the Battle Round, with steals available for the singer not picked? Have any of the four teams come out as favorites for you so far?

22 thoughts on “Two songs, too little air time for Syracuse’s ‘Voice’ rep

  1. I watched last night although I’m not a regular. Was disappointed they didn’t show each of the battles! I’m sure they were all good. I’m sorry for your hometown boy, though.


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