Sometimes the record doesn’t have a thing to do with the game

The trudge to the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, N.Y.

The trudge to the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, N.Y.

They walked to the white dome through the frozen tundra.

No sled dogs or igloos.

It was Syracuse basketball fans heading through the cold and snow Saturday, destination Carrier Dome.

Kaleb Joseph attempts a three-pointer against Duke on Feb. 14, 2015, in the Carrier Dome.

Kaleb Joseph attempts a three-pointer against Duke on Feb. 14, 2015, in the Carrier Dome.

They didn’t care that their Orange will not be playing in any postseason this year because of a self-imposed penalty that may or may not appease the NCAA, which is considering what was said during talks about rules infractions. They didn’t care that it’s Duke with the high ranking and top record this year when last year the Orange entered the first meeting as ACC foes undefeated. Not mattering was Syracuse’s lackluster 16-8 overall record and middle-of-the-league 7-4 mark.

It was a record-tying crowd of 35,446, and it was loud when coaches Jim Boeheim and Mike Krzyzewski sent Syracuse and Duke out to center court to tip it off.

I wrote about the Valentine’s Day experience for today’s installment of my weekly community blog for Syracuse Public Media site You can read my column by clicking the link below.

The obvious, outward signs all pointed for an easy Duke win. But the fanatical signs pulled for other things.

What are some of your favorite sports T-shirts? What slogans do you hold closest to your heart for your sports teams? What team do you want to win the big dance, the NCAA Tournament, this year?

18 thoughts on “Sometimes the record doesn’t have a thing to do with the game

  1. Honk if You’re a Hawkeye! is my all time favorite sports slogan because it takes me to a time when I was a kid. And there were buttons, t-shirts and bumperstickers with this slogan and people actually honked. It felt thrilling as a kid! As for the big dance, not sure who I’m rooting for at this point…but I will cross my fingers your Terps make it to the tourney…the Hawks don’t seem to be a contender at this point.


  2. I enjoy the red (scarlet) and gray t-shirts for OSU and my favorite of my collection is one with the Tostito Bowl on it, with the football in a heart shape. Not sure why it got designed this way but I love it.
    I also have two Indians’ t-shirts and need to get a new Cleveland Browns. I am wearing an orange and brown Bowling Green State Univ. zip-up hoodie which I wore to work since the building was cold. I love the idea of your going and how live action games can bring out the energy and dynamics in a large venue location!


    • I will be rooting for my Maryland Terps in the NCAA Tourney, Apple Pie. Knock on wood that they do not collapse and fail to make the field, of course. I am holding outside hope that they are placed in the East Region and win their first two games. That would put them in, drum roll please … the Carrier Dome in Syracuse. Ta-da!

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  3. glad it was exciting and you got the chance to experience it firsthand. sorry for the final outcome, but duke is no slouching adversary, so that says something for the orange. i love my wolverines, ‘go blue’ and of course hope for the fantasy win in the end. also love my wings with their winged wheel logo –


  4. I love that you and your beloved were able to spend VDay doing something you both enjoy Mark!

    I’m not a big sport’s fan but even I can concede that seeing a game, any game, and sharing it with tens of thousands in person can be very exciting!

    Diana xo


  5. I was a teenager when the NHL expanded to San Jose, Phoenix, Tampa Bay, Ottawa… I LOVED the Coyotes’ logo, and bought both the home and away jerseys.


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