Pale Green Stars enters NPR Tiny Desk Concert contest

Jeff Jones was always a good, smart guy to be around when I worked the music and entertainment beat for the big daily.

Leading the historic glam-rock band Dracula Jones. Fronting the Americana band Pale Green Stars. Being a citizen of Syracuse.

I like the guy.

He’s sent over a couple of emails of late, of which I want to spread the word. He’s entered his band Pale Green Stars in the NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest.

Reports the latest:

“Watch Pale Green Stars’ video entry into the NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest. The song is “Don’t Give Up” from our forthcoming album “Everyone Will Know” (to be released in early 2015), Recorded live on the 5th floor of the Cosmopolitan Building. It was about 8 degrees on a Thursday night in January. If you look close you can see our breath…”

Here’s a YouTube clip of the video entry.

I think the whole premise of the NPR Tiny Desk Concert is pretty darn cool.

In good company. (From

In good company. (From

Don’t you? The Syracuse band would be in some pretty proud company if the name Pale Green Stars is announced come Feb. 12.

Have you heard of the NPR Tiny Desk Concert Series? What do you think of the Pale Green Stars video? Adele, John Legend, T-Pain, Wilco or none of the above?

44 thoughts on “Pale Green Stars enters NPR Tiny Desk Concert contest

  1. Have not heard of little desk, but that is awesome. Love the clever. I liked PGS better when their tempo picked up. Not sure who some of your points of reference were, so can’t make a call. Bit of bluegrass!


  2. I love the idea of this! NPR always hits it out of the park, don’t they? And I love that they do it without the cash and flash of the majors. They never talk down to us, do they?


  3. I haven’t heard of this contest, you are always exposing me to new things Mark. πŸ™‚ You’re wonderful like that. I’m trying to listen to this in the car and it’s not the best sound environment (FYI: Honda Elements are horrible with road noise). What I hear, I am enjoying. πŸ™‚


  4. Not bad Mark. The music is reminiscent of Johnny Cash, with the 3 chord guitar and heavy on the bass. Can’t understand the words, except the title words of the title, but that is probably because I have the sound turned too loud. I’ve never heard of the NPR Tiny Desk thingy, but if they are looking for a Johnny Cash replacement sound, I would say your guys have a good shot at it, even though the vocals are not Johnny’s low growl. The song is his style for sure, at least his original style before he went totally country.


    • Jeff, great to hear from you. I miss our chats, my friend. I hope life is treating you well. FYI, others here LIKED the song. Check out Diana’s comment in particular. You even got a heart emoticon.


  5. I’m not fond of that song Mark. Even when it speeds up, it still sounds very negative. Not my style right now. maybe at some time in the future.


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