Dr. Dog sounds cool and has one guy who looks familiar

I’m digging the CBS weekend morning news’ Saturday version more and more. It takes me a while to get comfortable with personalities and style, I readily admit, and weekdays I am an avowed “Today” follower over on NBC.

CBS, though, is wise enough to schedule the weekend morning shows to start and last a couple hours later. And I’ve appreciated the Sunday news broadcasts, smart and entertaining and informative with Charles Osgood as anchor, for years now.

At the close of this Saturday morning show a half-hour ago, hosts Vinita Nair and Anthony Mason introduced musical guest Dr. Dog.

Pennsylvania band Dr. Dog performs on "CBS Saturday Morning News."

Pennsylvania band Dr. Dog performs on “CBS Saturday Morning News.”

I appreciated the band from Pennsylvania’s indie-rock sound.

And as I watched, I thought that one of the musicians looked familar. The guy singing at the far right. Had I seen this band play before, in my hometown of Syracuse, N.Y.? No, I do not think so … Got it. I surely believe this knit-cap-sporting musician reminds me of a man that won me over many decades ago.

Paul Simon, a while ago. (Getty Images)

Paul Simon, some time in his and our past.
(Getty Images)

Does he not look like Paul Simon when he first busted loose from singing partner Art Garfunkel?

Thank you, CBS, for introducing me to this pretty cool band that calls Philadelphia home.

Dr. Dog digs its 3 minutes, 15 seconds on my flat screen.

Dr. Dog digs its 3 minutes, 15 seconds on my flat screen.

Here’s the link for the photo of Paul Simon.

Here’s a YouTube clip of a Dr. Dog song.

Do you perk up when network shows spring new bands on you? Do you agree that Dr. Dog-guy looks like Paul Simon? What network morning news, if any, is your choice, and why?

38 thoughts on “Dr. Dog sounds cool and has one guy who looks familiar

  1. OMG it is Paul Simon…. Or his brilliant doppelganger. speaking of that have you caught up with yours ( american chainsaw dude) yet? love Paul Simon. saw that doco on his anniversary stuff to do with Graceland album. That music was so great. Now why can there be more of that on those reality shows???


  2. First time we came to the US I remember turning on our old (and I mean even then it was old) black & white TV and seeing Dave Garroway on the Today Show. So I’ve kept watching through the years although sometimes a year can go by without seeing the show. But when I’m out of town (somewhere in the US, of course) I always try to find the Today show on the hotel TV to get me going in the morning. Sorry, I didn’t see anybody in the band who resembles Paul Simon. But as an aside, I’ve seen Paul by himself in concert and Paul and Art together in concert… and as great as Paul is as a solo, the two of them are truly mind blowing… something about their combined voices is magical.


    • They did have that special something when performing together, Ros. Agreed. Though to me only Paul carried it over to the solo stage.

      I admire your devotion to “Today” through the years, too. πŸ™‚


  3. Fraid I have to differ with you Mark. I listen to an oldies station on the radio — stopped watching/ listening/ reading the news years ago when it was the same story every day. War, war, war, murder, murder, murder,— I could add a few more key words, but they would still all be the same old story. If it happens in my back yard I might show minor interest in it, but just too involved in what’s happening here at home to care that much about what I can’t do anything about. Things are changing for the better here and I’ve had a small hand in that, nothing I can do about Iran, Afghanistan, or any of the places overseas except worry. No use worrying about something you can’t fix, so as long as I remain unaware, I can live with it. It sounds callous, but I prefer to think of it as realistic, and if everyone in the world would just mind his or her own business instead of their neighbor’s, we might just have that peace everyone talks about but doesn’t do anything about.’

    Sorry, just had to rant. Haven’t slept in about 3 days, and hungry on top of that. Think I’ll eat a snack and take a nap.


  4. I’m a little confused…if you’re referring to the photo on the top, the guy who later identifies himself as the drummer, not so much. Actually having trouble finding resemblance in any of them but that’s just me. Morning news, I usually listen to the rock radio stations who have talk in the mornings on my way into work. Small news excerpts and topical conversation…that’s the closest I get.


  5. Good morning, Mark! It is still morning here in AZ πŸ™‚ And…no televised news for me. Ugh, I know. It all started when my first child was hyper sensitive and I was hypersensitive and… That child went on to become a journalist, lol, and I never picked up the habit of TV viewing news again. My newest news is coming via email to my phone via Vox. Brief and organized.


  6. I think he does resemble Paul Simon when he was a little younger. What is Dr. Dog’s age? I bet they could be cousins or those ‘twins’ we have out in the world, ha ha!
    This post is about music and I wondered if you liked “Hollywood” the homeless man on American Idol who brought the man who gave him a guitar to the audition. The trio of judges said he was the best in the four cities. I cried because I felt his story down to my toes, he really showed a genuine love of music and wrote his own lyrics about his ‘best friend,’ a girl he loved. Just wondering, I shall try to come back and see your thoughts on this man (I am sorry but cannot remember his last name!) I absolutely loved Adam Lambert’s repeat of his own audition song, didn’t you, Mark? Wow!


    • I did enoy Hollywood’s “American Idol” audtion in New York City, Robin, as well as the teenager who sang the Frank Sinatra song. Hollywood sang his own song from the heart, much like Kohlton Pascal, the singer from the Suyracuse area. I’ll follow these three and write more about “AI” when the Hollywood rounds begin. Yes, Adam’s repeat of “Bohemian Rhapsody'” was fun, too. Thanks for pointing this out, Robin. πŸ™‚


  7. Meh. I don’t see the resemblance. But then again, I think Paul Simon is the only one who looks like Paul Simon. Morning news? I don’t usually watch the morning news. I quickly check a few internet sites to see if anything truly newsworthy happened while I was asleep. I do try to catch The Nightly News with Brian Williams each evening, and then I religiously watch The Daily Show with Jon Steward and [used to watch] The Colbert Report for the best take on the news of the day. I also read this great weekly magazine called The Week, which. generally in under 50 pages, presents you with “all you need to know about everything that matters.” I highly recommend it.

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  8. The picture you used of Paul Simon, I absolutely thought looked like Dr. Dog. πŸ™‚ Wait. I mean Dr. Dog does look like Mr. Simon. Now I have to listen to Dr. Dog, and then perhaps I’ll go listen to some Mr. Simon. πŸ™‚


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