Yeah, I’ve seen that talented young singer on the flat screen

Sitting around talking to the kind and happy family of four in the Syracuse suburb of Baldwinsville on one of the final days of 2014, they all were quite excited about a TV program that was coming on New Year’s Eve.

I agreed to put it on my must-watch list.

It fits right in with the freelance story I’m working on for the March edition of Central New York the Good Life magazine, after all.

Julia Goodwin sings as part of Michael Feinstein's New Year's Eve special on PBS.

Julia Goodwin sings as part of Michael Feinstein’s New Year’s Eve special on PBS.

Teen singer Julia Goodwin knocked them as part of Michael Feinstein’s special from the Rainbow Room, high atop Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, as the announcer said for the lively PBS special hosted by singer committed to the glory of the Great American Songbook. I caught her on my flat screen.

You may recall the Central New Yorker’s name from my post that included her performance at the 2014 M&T Syracuse Jazz Fest. It’s been fun, this assignment for the glossy magazine …

Here’s a YouTube clip of Julia Goodwin singing with fellow Central New Yorker Nick Zobrio with the Syracuse Symphoria last month.

Who’s your favorite singer now of songs from the Great American Songbook? What are some of your favorite songs from that Cole Porter-, Gershwins-and-friends period of popular music? What was your best talent when you were a teen?

44 thoughts on “Yeah, I’ve seen that talented young singer on the flat screen

  1. Thanks for the find, Mark. I am not familiar with Julia Goodwin but just looked her up on Spotify (not there) and Amazon (there.) Berlin…Ellington…Gershwin…Rogers and Hammerstein…yea them πŸ˜€ And my kids know them, like them too (win!)


  2. I love that the older music is becoming popular again – ^^above mentioned Buble for sure😜. And I was recently turned on to Lisa Eckdahl, quite diverse including covering some classic oldies.


  3. I enjoyed both Julia and Nick in this clip! I don’t have much ‘knowledge’ of the genre. But for everyone mentioned in the comments, I’ve heard and enjoyed along the way. I have recently heard more via YouTube and have enjoyed it more. I think I enjoy the music more when I can watch the entertainer. I think I might go watch some Ms. Fitzgerald!


  4. Hmm, tough questions, Mark. I think it’s cool that this performance meshed well with your other writing piece. I think my favorite Gershwin memories are when the Gershim tunes were belted out by Alice Hyatt (played by Linda Lavin) on “Alice” as she tried to make it in show business while working at Mel’s Diner. πŸ™‚


  5. Wow, picking a favorite from all the greats. That’s tough. Gershwin, Cole Porter, Rodgers & Hammerstein, I love them all. This girl is good, Harry Connick is good, but I stick with the originals. And my talents as a teen? I wrote poetry. Some of it was actually good, but I was so shy I kept it hidden and ultimately burned it all. Very shy until I got my first car, and the mold broke. Drag racing became my passion, and turned out to be kind of a family affair, since my cousins, the Green Brothers, took racing to NASCAR later in time.


  6. Love that kind of music, Mark. My favorite is “They Can’t Take That Away from Me.” And even though she’s been taken away from us, my favorite interpreter of that genre is Ella Fitzgerald. Great to have you back here on WordPress!


  7. Good post and you are always on top of who’s who, Mark! I am so glad you reminded us of Julia Goodwin. I am always happy to hear of a fine singer. I loved in my teens, the songwriters such as Billy Joel, Elton John, Carole King and Joni Mitchell. I am always happy to hear some Cole Porter, not sure if “S’wonderful” is his but my young local musician, Morgan Treni sings in an alto voice, wonderfully her own songs, along with Cole Porter style songs… Great post and some good interactions here, too! Music connects our souls…


  8. Like one of the other commenters, if I’m going to listen to music of that era, I generally prefer the artists of that era. Love Carmen McRae and some of the covers she did of Gerswhin, Porter, etc. But as I’ve grown older I’ve come to have a great appreciation for the way Fred Astaire sang those tunes. So he’d be my number one choice.
    Music was my talent. By 16 I’d been taking piano for 10 years and voice for 4, sang in several choirs, etc. When my jazz fusion band–which mostly played in the guitarist’s basement– fell apart in my mid-twenties, I pretty much walked away and ever went back.


  9. You know this is not my favorite song, unless sung by Elf and Zoe. But my, she is talented. As is he. When I was a child, I used to go to the record stores and buy Judy Garland albums, so I was probably the only kid in the 70s singing “Swanee” and “Chicago” in a vibrato. That said, I can appreciate Gershwin tunes.


  10. Michael Buble – I am becoming a fan. Greatest talent when i was a teen? No idea! Great to have you back – hope the rest from reading and commenting was really good.


  11. V much enjoyed this, thanks Marks. Lovely to hear voices and see assurance of these talented young people. I’ve lost my mojo a bit with music, particularly contemporary singers. I do like Nina Simone, and Ella Fitzgerald. I must have a rummange through my music! My best talent when I was a teen…why is that such a hard question to answer! (NB: rhetorical question!!)


      • My sister and I appalled our kids when we last had one of those rummages through YouTube to listen to the bands and songs we remembered from our young teens! I need to add a bit of fun to every day – what could be better for a wee lift than a bit of music – good call Mark!


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