Clark’s beef on ‘wick was worth the wait

I pressed my face to the window waiting for Clark’s Ale House to open with this August post telling of its history in another location in downtown Syracuse and licking my lips to reacquaint myself with owner Ray Clark’s famous roast beef sandwiches.

The name's back on a new wall in downtown Syracuse.

The name’s back on a new wall in downtown Syracuse.

My dear wife Karen and I went back a month ago for a goodbye party, and we were so caught up in the moment as Karen had to part with her close work colleague and friend Carolyn — and beer for her and Cab Sav for me — that I did not take any photos of our roast beef reunion to share here.

We returned Friday night before the Syracuse Crunch hockey game.

Clark's ample beer list.

Clark’s ample beer list.

I was ready with my iPhone 6 to capture the ambiance of the crowded restaurant and tavern on the corner of South Salina and East Washington, just one block up from the decorated Christmas tree and skating rink at Clinton Square.

It was crowded with drinkers of the available beer and wine.

Hustling to serve us been and wine.

Hustling to serve us beer and wine.

And it was crowded with eaters of the famous roast beef on kimmelwick sandwich.

Beef on 'wick at Clark's Ale House in Syracuse, N.Y.

Beef on ‘wick at Clark’s Ale House in Syracuse, N.Y.

That’s mine on the left and Karen’s on the right, both with a slice of cheddar to top it. I added horseradish; she went plain. They were juicy. The fresh roll was just salty enough. My Cabernet Sauvignon accompanied the sandwich just fine, and Karen was quite satisfied with her light draft beer.

The total price for the two sandwiches and drinks was a not-so-whopping $19.95.

Christmas on tap at Clark's.

Christmas on tap at Clark’s.

We ate at the bar and admired the decor.

The back room had a crowd, too.

The back room had a crowd, too.

When we were done with our dinner, we took a quick circle of the back dining room, and then walked to the arena to watch the Crunch win 3-2 in overtime.

What would you put on your roast beef sandwich? What would you order to drink with your roast beef sandwich? Would you come to Clark’s if you had the chance?

39 thoughts on “Clark’s beef on ‘wick was worth the wait

  1. Those are some good lookin’ sandwiches, there, Mark! I almost never eat meat, but if I went with the roast beef, I’d have to have provolone to top it off, and maybe a bit of mayo and a tiny tad of mustard. πŸ™‚ Yes, I’d definitely visit Clark’s! πŸ™‚


  2. this looks great, mark. the place looks warm and inviting and the sandwiches and the hockey – well! i’d have a beer and a roast beef with cheddar and a bit of grainy mustard on mine. ) p.s. harbaugh flying here tomorrow!


  3. This place with lights and action, along with the roast beef sandwich look amazing, Mark. My mouth is drooling oh I better go home soon! smiles from Delaware Co. library at you and Karen!


  4. Yum! I’ll have what you’re having mark – looks delicious. To drink I’ll have a micro-brew if you have one to recommend (or that the waiter recommends) or Rickards on tap. Looks like a great place to relax with friends.


  5. Nice to have Clark’s back in the mix in downtown Syracuse. Love that Kimmelwick. I hope they still have the cheese, cracker, onion appetizer…can’t wait to visit them again! Do they still have the Robert Goulet chair? πŸ™‚


    • Hey, Deb! They have the cheese and crackers, and I imagine onions, too. I did not look hard for the Goulet chair, but why would they ever leave that behind? Thanks for coming by to comment, by fellow Central New Yorker. πŸ™‚ I hope your son stopped salivating.


  6. That was not a bright thing to do in Buffalo, Carl. I’m glad you’re here to tell of it. I’m reluctant to take the three-hour drive from Syracuse to see my team, the Jets, play at Ralph Wilson Stadium because I would not be able to hold in my rooting interest.


  7. Similar looking place in Buffalo. Can’t remember name, it was in 1985. I did the stupidest and most life threatening thing ever done in my life in Buffalo. I walked into the Flamingo Bar wearing my Miami Dolphins jersey.


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