A new meaning for the word Headquarters

Pixar will have a movie coming out next year.

Now that I know about “Inside Out,” you bet I missed this company’s animation.

In today’s edition of my weekly Film News blog for the Syracuse

(From syracusenewtimes.com)

(From syracusenewtimes.com)

New Times site, I talk about the Cinema Blend story that reveals much about that movie.

An important term is Headquarters. That’s where this one takes place. No, not an office or a studio or the military. Use your mind, people.

If you’d like to read my piece on that attractive site, click the link below.


Also in that story is the nugget that Al Pacino, the man who grew up from son-of-a-Brando to The Godfather before our very eyes, has met with the head of Marvel Studios.

And so a very smart Cinema Blend reporter has come up with a list of five characters he’d like to see Pacino play for the Universe.

Pixar has a long list of successes, including the Toy Story and Monsters and Cars franchises, Incredibles, and Up. Which is your favorite Pixar movie and why? Which is your favorite Al Pacino movie, and why? Should Al go superhero for Marvel or not, and why?

24 thoughts on “A new meaning for the word Headquarters

  1. i clicked over to your piece and this sounds so cute and charming and everything sweet, and the cast is amazing and….. (ps – my fav pixar flick so far was ‘up’ – made me cry and laugh both. as for al, i’d love to see him as a world weary yet wise superhero or villain any day of the week.


  2. My favorite trilogy of Pixar is that of “Toy Story,” the music, the animation and the plots are enough to capture young and old hearts. I was like you, crying a bit, during the one where Andy goes off to college. But, that being said, I loved “Monsters, Inc.” which has the most adorable giggling little girl! All of them are great and endearing. Did they also do, “Finding Nemo,” Mark? I loved that one, too!
    I liked Al Pacino, both as a young man and in movies where he doesn’t mind showing his age. My favorite and most recent Al movie is “Stand Up Guys.” It is definitely a good one, including Christopher Walken, too. I forget the other man in it, it will come to me… later! Have a wonderful weekend, warehouse is slow, we have been doing 32 hours last week and this week 30 and not even going in today….


    • Well, Robin, enjoy your slow-time day off! Yes, Nemo was Pixar. And Al P. has been good for a long time, hasnt he? Scarface, the Godfathers, and he can get me scared with the look and the twist of the mouth still.


  3. I’ve loved me some Pixar for sure! Al, I love him in what I see him in but don’t necessarily see something because he’s in it. But, no one actor pulls me specifically to a movie. I’m fickle like that. πŸ™‚


  4. ready for another fun animated movie–seems to have been a while since there was a good one out. I liked Ratatouille, but that was not Pixar, I don’t think.


  5. That’s an interesting Pixar Headquarters theme. i’ve actually gven some thought to how we choose a predominant perspective because that choice really does set the stage for how we process life -for better or worse. It is my observation that we do precisely as Pixar suggests – we allow one emotion or perspecive to be predominant ina given situation and we sub the other emotions to the predominant. The emotions them selves do not seem to make the best choice of which is most appropriate, so we seem to have some higher cognizant abiity that makes that choice a lot of the time. Much as Ekhart Tolle says (to paraphrase) – When you are watching yourself think, “YOU” is not the part thinking but rather the part watching. When we are young often an emotion will take control and order the other emotions under it . However, after a number of hard lessons where it becomes apparent that the emotion which chose itself was the wrong one to rule, we seem to develop an ability to make better choices. When we choose, any of the emotions have the ability to run the whole show, to subserviate the others in a particualr circumstance. The out come is often determined by which emotion we choose at the beginning to dominate. Sometimes it has to be anger, sometimes joy, etc. That’s one of the reaosns why I would not want to return and relive my younger days – it is so confusing as the emotions battle for control before life’s experiences give an indication the correct path to take.

    Anyway, a long way to say, the Pixar movie sounds neat and life lke Mark. I am sure i’d enjoy it.


  6. Now that’s an interesting idea! I can see Amy as joy and certainly crochety old Lewis Black as anger. I wonder if it will go all “social message” and talk about mental health and depression. If I want to cry, I’ll watch the “Up” montage scene. Gets me every time. Now Pacino, I officially “don’t get.” Not my bag, baby. Nothing against him, but I don’t love him. All I know is there better be a part for John Ratzenberger!


  7. With Disney’s purchase of Marvel, it’s not surprising that they can get Al Pacino to come in. He’s a great actor – I really liked him in the Godfather movies – and he could do whatever they ask of him. I don’t think he’d go superhero. They’d most likely want him to be a super villain. I could see him getting involved in Howard the Duck too, considering Marvel put that teaser after Guardians of the Galaxy.


  8. Finding Nemo and the Toy Story Trilogy are my top favorites. I didn’t see anything of Pixar’s past Ratatouille, but I did catch part of Brave the other day on TV and may try to watch that.

    Intriguing about Pacino, will have to check that article out. It will depend on if he acts or just plays Al Pacino.


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