You can sit it in halfway hungry and fill up



I saw the first part of “The Hunger Games” series a year after the fact, on NetFlix. Not on my iPad or phone, thankfully. I watched the blockbuster hit on my living room flat screen. Still, the dystopian story didn’t really win my over. I didn’t gush, and I didn’t rush out to see part two “Catching Fire.”

Yet I found myself reviewing the third part of the announced four-parter from the novels by Suzanne Collins for my weekly Monday film blog for the Syracuse New Times.

If you’d like to read my review of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part I,” on that site, click the link below.

Jennifer Lawrence certainly ran around the screen for all she was worth, when she wasn’t underground, brooding about her loved one, Peeta, caught by evil president Donald Sutherland.

I admit I was worried about going in kind of cold, no knowledge about part two.

I wondered if this movie would stand on its own. I’ll tell you what I thought over yonder. But first, my movie Monday questions …

Have you jumped into the middle of a continuing series of theatrical movies or TV movies and felt satisfied, and if so, what movie did the trick and why? Have you seen any of “The Hunger Games” movies, and if so, what did you think? Jennifer Lawrence in “The Hunger Games” series or in “American Hustle,” and why?

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60 thoughts on “You can sit it in halfway hungry and fill up

      • Re the first movie, we had some time on our hands one day and decided to go to the movies. Nothing playing interested us greatly at the time and so we settled on the Hunger Games. I like Sutherland and Harrelson – so I figured ‘why not?’ I ended up liking the first movie and the subsequent ones . I will read the books eventually. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. I haven’t seen Hunger Games Mark, although the trailers seem a bit dark for me. I don’t mind darkness but it has to be mixed with sunny or funny like real life. I am an F&SF fan in general so the genre is good for me, but I’m selective in what I read/watch. There are some incredible authors out there like Greg Bear, whose stuff seldom gets turned into movies – I assume because the detail would be too expensive and the interest not large enough.

    That being said, I often see movie series out of order – like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc – and don’t have a problem following although i know that i would enjoy them more in order. I have a current TV favorite – Blue Blood – and am watching it in order. I find it adds a great deal more depth to the show.

    I do enjoy Jennifer Lawrence in most of what she does – she is an incrediby versatile actress who breathes believability.

    Great Post Mark. Oh, i noticed The Head is also over on the Syracuse New Times site – but it is round instead of the square WP gravatar. Talk abut vesatile. Ha!


  2. Um…well… um…. I’m one of those few people who didn’t actually see any of the Hunger Game movies. (Or any of the Twilight movies either.) I’m kinda in the unpopular minority like that. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ *BLUSHES*


  3. I trained for a marathon to the first one. It was perfect for running. That said, what I like to run to is somewhat different than I would choose if I wasn’t running. The movie was okay. I wouldn’t declare it a classic, although it has arguably already become that. I’m actually very disturbed that these movies are marketed to children. I’m also glad I don’t have to deal with that whole thing (as a parent.) I haven’t seen the second two. I haven’t seen American Hustle either, but I suspect I would prefer it.


      • No, no. Running to the movie. Running to a book would make me dizzy, unfortunately. I am actually a lot more surprising than this. I went with the boring comment. My sense of self-preservation kicked in just in time. I’m on to you! You lull us into a false sense of security with your cheerful gravatar and insightful questions. Pretty soon we are telling you everything we know. The paper obviously made a good hire!


  4. like a couple of others I could not get into all’the hype’ surrounding these movies, and the Harry Potter ones. I watch bit and pieces of HP on tv; when they air. But cannot quite get into any of them. It was the same with Buffy and the vampire slayer series. Eventually I got the hang of it but could not go on to Twilight etc.
    There is a lot of tv series I wish they would just end at the end of season 1. E.g. Revenge, under the dome, homeland, the blacklist, etc etc.
    Same with movies. Please how many repeats of Horrible Bosses, hangover, sex and city, bridesmaids, tc type movies can we be punished with? Like you 3hours is waaaayyyyy tooooo long movie makers.


  5. I love Jennifer Lawrence in neither of those movies, although if pressed, Hustle. I loved her in the one about Winter and the Appalachian peoples. Then, the funny and sweet movie she did with Bradley Cooper won my heart: “Silver Linings Play List.” Oh, so good! I am not a fan of the Hunger Games but believe there are fine actors and stories involved, Mark!


  6. Jennifer “Hustle” Lawrence was better than Jennifer “Games” but I am a fan of the Hunger Games’ movies, Chum. Now, personally I think the book series falls apart after the first one. Reading the first book opens up some interesting discussions. Fun talk for a room full of tweens.
    Overall, I prefer Jennifer “flirts with Jack” Lawrence.


  7. I really enjoyed the Hunger Games books, but the movies, so far, haven’t knocked my socks off. I haven’t seen the newest one yet, but I am seriously considering an “alone at the movies” date with my own self one day this week…maybe Friday when everyone else is in their shopping frenzy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Normally I would take Grace, but she hasn’t read the book…and we have a policy about that in our house.) ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. I love The Bourne films with Matt Damon and have watched them in random order on TV several times. The TV schedulers didn’t seem bothered about screening them in the right order but they are so good that I soon caught up with the main story.


  9. You’ll be shocked that I’ve avoided this series both books and movies. My 12-year-old has been all over it though and her dad took her to Mockingjay (she had seen the first two on netflix). Her comments were that it was darker and more violent than the first two and she didn’t like it so much.

    I enjoy Banks and Lawrence, but not enough to sit through the movies. Bring on Elf! (Having said that, I’ve gotten sucked into a TV show called Torchwood, which is intensely dark. Guess part of me still likes to be scared.)


    • Well a daddy-daughter date for Mockingjay stands pretty rightteous in my book, Liz! I never saw ”Torchwood.” I’m not so much for dark TV shows like that, I guess. No consistency because I liked this movied. ๐Ÿ™‚


  10. I have been avoiding this franchise because I am a Battle Royale fan and have heard this is a less gory version of that. (Not that I NEED gore, but you know what I mean) I may check out the first one over the long weekend and give my thoughts. Most other film series I had already followed from the beginning so there wasn’t a problem about jumping back into them.


  11. i saw the first one and really wasn’t that taken by it to be motivated to see the others, though i was entertained. i went with my friend and her 3 sons, who all loved it and wanted to see more. jlaw in american hustle for me.


  12. Jennifer Lawrence is a pretty good actress, but this franchise is awful. My step-daughter insisted on getting the first one while she was with us one weekend and has now read all of the books and seen all of the movies. But she’s 11 and has no taste.

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