For my first entry to the Blog of Funny Names, I offer Fred Funk

Fred Funk is a friendly guy. Great name, for sure. Part button-down, part soul music.

Everywhere the professional golfer goes, people follow like he’s the pied piper. He’s not big and strapping like some of these dudes who bash the little white golf ball so far you can’t stand next to them by the tee markers and follow the flight until it lands 350 yards away in the fairway.

Blog of Funny Names

According to the PGA Champions Tour’s official web stats, Funk stands 5-foot-8 and weighs 165 pounds. He turned professional in 1981. The native of Takoma Park, Md., was the golf coach at the University of Maryland before he got good enough at the game to make a living playing it instead.

He attended the big university in College Park, too. That’s where my first story here on the Blog of Funny Names gets a little funkier. I, too, went to the University of Maryland, at the same time as Fred Funk.

I can surely remember the day the spunky little dude with the blazing blue eyes and the funny name came up to my roommates Greg and Mike and I at the tee, introduced himself, and joined us …

To read the rest of the story, go here to the Blog of Funny Names.

Fish of Gold

Have you ever been a regular achiever that found yourself competing against somebody with skills far more advanced than you, and if so, can you explain how it turned out? What sort of activity and with whom would you like to put yourself participating on the same field or in the same room with, and why? What famous funny names would you like to see me write about when my turn comes up every second Tuesday? There’s a list of who’s been covered already on BoFN. When you click over to read other posts, you’ll discover the intent is to have fun without being mean.

29 thoughts on “For my first entry to the Blog of Funny Names, I offer Fred Funk

  1. I was a newbie to a professional organization (Les Dames d’Escoffier) when I went to their annual conference and didn’t know anyone. Ended up hanging out with a lovely woman who was friendly, fun, and supportive. Found out after the conference that she owns multiple restaurants and is a regular on the national network news shows as a TV chef. And I had assumed she was more of a regular Jo(saphina) like me. Ha.

    Off to check out BoFN. Woohoo, your big day has arrived 😀 Fred Funk is a great name to kick things off with.

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  2. Not famous, but when I worked for Fish & Wildlife Commission we had employees with the last names of Bear, Bass, Trout and Wolf.


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