You can Marvel at their list that stretches to 2019



I have to give it up for Marvel Studios.

The honchos have their stuff together. This week they put on a big to-do in LA to unveil Phase Three of their comics-to-silver-screen parade, and the list goes on to ………. 2019.

Yowser. New characters getting movies of their own will be Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Captain Marvel and The Inhumans.

Guardians of the Galaxy is getting a sequel, as is Captain America, Thor and the Avengers.

You can read more about the unveiling in my weekly Thursday Film News blog installment over at the chock-full of cool items Syracuse New Times site by clicking the link below.

Also over there is a report I must admit interests me even more. It’s about an old film with new possibilitites.

That would be “Guys and Dolls.” Yes, Nathan Detroit and Sky Masterson.

Dance over, now. I know you’re curious.

Who’s your favorite comic book hero, and why? What’s the furthest date out that you’ve got something scheduled on your calendar, and what’s the event? What’s your favorite musical movie from the 1950s, and why?

38 thoughts on “You can Marvel at their list that stretches to 2019

  1. I will always rent or pay to see the Marvels, as soon as I possibly can. Sometimes, not waiting sometimes, getting from the redbox… but never as long as it takes to get to the library, Mark! Thanks for the ‘heads up’ on the next four or five years of these marvelous movies!!


  2. Back in my day, there weren’t too many comic book heros (that I remember anyway) except for Superman! One comment mentioned Little Abner. There was also Blondie and Dagwood, Dennis the Menace, Sarge(nt), Peanuts (of course), Little Lulu, Hmmm, that’s all I can remember.


  3. marvel is kicking the whole operation up a notch, competition is fierce in superhero movie world! a remake of g &d? wow. as for my future calendar, i don’t generally go too far out, furthest i’ve ever planned ahead was when the daughters were each getting married )


    • A double daughter wedding calendar will make you have to be plan-specific! Congratulations on getting through that exciting time, Beth!

      Yes, Marvel is pulling ahead of DC with this bombshell. That’s their plan, anyway.


  4. You know Mark, I can remember rushing to the corner store on allowance days to buy the latest comic books, but for the lfie of me I can’t remember which I bought or followed. I must be getting old. Speaking of old, my favorite from the 50’s (I think) would be The Old Man and the Sea.

    I have learned not to make long term plans because of health reasions – i hope that will change. I have no personal future plans at the moment. I enjoy listening to the plans of others- living vicariously i suspect.

    Cool post mark. Thank You.


      • Ha! Thanks Mark, I’ll hold you to that prediction. Ummm, bananas are death for dialysis patiets – high potassium, which helps regulate heart beat – too much potassium – like a banana – and Pop! you’re history. Death by banana, an inglorious way to go. Ha! Remember when we were kida, and sometimes used to pretend that bananas were guns? Well they are loaded now for me. ha!

        Thanks again for the saying I’ll improve. Even hearing that creates hope.


      • I am sorry about the banana comment, Paul. Ignorance is a loaded gun sometimes. Yikes. Mea culpa. No bananas of any color for my pal Paul.

        You will get better if you do not listen to my dumb jokes.


  5. I just saw the new Avengers trailer. Ultron looked pretty badass. I looked it up on IMDb and he is voiced by James Spader. That ruined for me. The Avenger’s nemesis is a pudgy, balding, middle aged actor?

    Guys and Dolls is overrated, IMHO.


  6. Favorite musical movie? Singin’ in the Rain is good but I also like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Gigi is another favorite, then of course Guys and Dolls as you’ve already said :-).

    It might easier to say which ones I don’t like : Carousel (and if you want to move up a decade, you can add My Fair Lady and Bye Bye Birdie to this list)


  7. Wonder Woman (duh) because she has an invisible jet, lasso of truth, bracelets that deflect bullets, a golden tiara, and a killer smile; tomorrow’s Halloween party (though I think I’m going to a University of Minnesota marching band concert with my oldest sometime in November); and White Christmas.

    When are you coming to BoFN, Mark? Huh? When? Soon? Huh? Huh? Huh? (my wireless is back, my wireless is back–I can stalk and chatter and such at my leisure once again)


    • Tuesday is my BoFN debut, Liz. Mark it down in crayon, fine, wonderful woman. Have the marching band march for the occasion. Crank up the new WiFi and chit and chat and chat and chit!

      Enjoy the Halloween party, don’t go Scrooging for the kids’ sake, Liz.


  8. Levit and Tatum, huh? Levit I can see, no problem. Can Tatum sing? I know he can dance. We went to a high school production of G&G earlier this year (hadn’t done that in 25 yrs), and man–those kids blew us away. The set, the outfits, the Yankee accents (ha!). They were swell, kid. Really swell. I think enough time has passed that this could be remade. I’d love to see musicals make a comeback.


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