Another superhero to arrive on the big screen, the Scarlet Speedster



“The Flash” is coming in 2018.

As a fan of DC Comics over Marvel, that makes me happy. And, furthermore, as a lad who never had much zip to his running stride, the superhero who donned the Scarlet suit and zipped around in record time could capture my attention in a split second when The Justice League of America did its thing.

Ezra Miller will the The Flash when it hits the big screens.

Also reported by Variety: Warner Brothers will release “Aquaman” in 2018, too, starring Jason Mamoa. Another notch for DC Comics and another good memory for the Justice League of America fan in me. Even though I swam worse than I ran.

Also on my Film News blog report this week for the fabulous Syracuse New Times site is news I caught on Cinema Blend of Bill Murray explaining why he turned down various versions of “Ghostbuster 3.”

You can read that blog by clicking the link below. You’ll find links there that will take you to Variety and Cinema Blend, where I found my sources for all this cool Film News (except for my memories, of course).

Murray was talking, I’m sure, because this is timed for the release of his new movie, “St. Vincent.” Don’t the TV spots, with Melissa McCarthy has his frazzled next door neighbor, look interesting?

Of course, then pops up the dreaded headline:

Playing in selected cities.

Syracuse is not one of them yet. That I pretty much knew by instinct. But I’m not guessing. I already called up the weekend show times. I have to wait for “St. Vincent.” Dagnabbit.

When you were young, were you more DC Comics, Marvel Comics, or Archie Comics? Could you run like The Flash and swim like Aquaman, or swim like The Flash and run like Aquaman? Does your city get the special select movies on week one, two, three or when they come to Red Box, NetFlix and pay cable a half year later?

47 thoughts on “Another superhero to arrive on the big screen, the Scarlet Speedster

  1. My favorite has always been Superman. (And in TV, the original George Reeves, not the movies with Christopher Reeve.) As for comic books, I have a pretty old “Jimmy Olsen” which is pretty cool. (Of course, if we were only talking comic books and not superheroes, then I have a big collection of The Monkees, The Partridge Family and Quantum Leap comic books. LOL!) However since we ARE speaking of superheroes, guess what? This weekend, I’ll be photographing a wedding where the groomsmen are all dressed as superheroes! I love when we get those! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. (to Mark and Liz above) My favorite Bill Murray movie was “Groundhog Day!” loved the way he had to go through the one day over and over, just ‘proving’ how slow some men (not Mark or others here) are!
    As far as the 2018 movie, I am sure I will enjoy the action and plot, which usually does have a good ending! I am interested in the Scarlet Speedster! Smiles!


    • Robin, you may be giving me too much credit. Some days seem so famiiar to me, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love ‘Groundog Day, too, and have always enjoyed the fact that Bill’s brother, Bryan Doyle Murray, played the mayor in the shadow scene and other great scenes in this one.

      Run Scarlet Speedster, Run.


  3. oh, and a p.s. Mark: Just read a fun feature in Entertainment on the crazy career of Bill Murray. Would recommend if you haven’t seen. I had forgotten about Broken Flowers–did you see? Also, Lost in Translation? Vincent got so-so ratings, though mostly because of writing being too formulaic. What is your favorite Bill Murray movie?

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    • I get EW printy copy mail subscription still, and Karen always reads it first. I’ll take it in a day or two and read the Murray story, for sure, Liz. (I know, I can cllick it right here on the iPad immediately.)

      My favorite Bill Murray movie would be, let’s see, I’ll go left field today with ‘The Royal Tennenbaums.’ Not really, but I love it’s absurdity. It would be ‘Stripes.’ The ‘practicing Army, sir. … That’s a fact, Jack.’ scene is just precious.

      I still want to see St. Vincent, I don’t trust movie reviews, ha-ha.

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  4. Wonder Woman is my one and only Super Hero. She rocked. Oh, and Batman, who I had hoped to marry. I know little about the other superhero peeps. Though the Wonder Twins were cool with their “form of, shape of” proclamations. Did you know Kerbey and I are Wonder Twins? I have a secret decoder ring to prove it. So watch out for us.


  5. As a fan of DC over Marvel, are you thrilled or terrified at the prospect of โ€œSuperman vs. Batman?โ€ Are you watching the Flash series on TV? Itโ€™s getting good ratings. Donโ€™t you think Marvel is becoming a bit overexposed? I kind of do.

    I was more of a Marvel guy for no particular reason. Solly. I’ve been feeding both daughters a steady diet of Archie comics. They LOVE THEM but none of their friends in school have any idea who Archie is so they canโ€™t really have any Betty vs. Veronica discussions. Betty is to Mary Ann as Veronica is to Ginger. Just sayin’.


    • Here’s my take. I’m interested not frantically jonesing for any of the superhero movie stuff, Mark. I love and cherish my comic book past right back there where it was, and how it spread to black and white TV with George Reeves’ ‘Superman’ and then the slapstick of Adam West’s ‘Batman’ and the vivid color of his cartoonish villains. I sort-of enjoyed the latest Spidey 2 on the big screen but didn’t dance in the aisles.

      Now I applaud you turning your daughters onto the Archie Andrews neighborhood. They ought to have to pick sides in the Betty or Veronica feud. Betty all the way in this boy’s heart. Mary Ann, too, of course.


  6. I was never into superhero comics, but I have come across many who were online. It seems Aquaman has a reputation among the comics crowd for being pretty useless for a superhero, so it will be interesting to see how they translate him to the big screen…


  7. I wasn’t too much in to comics…. And I was NOT capable of any super power body movements. But I have entered in to a time where I am opening up my life to love the things of childhood that I somehow missed the first time around! ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. 2018 seems like FOREVER from now. I realize it’s 3.2 years, but still. I keep seeing the Bill Murray trailer–I saw it yesterday at an actual movie. You should be proud of me. My son had a halfday at school, so I drove him to the theatre (oh, look, I’m British!) 25 minutes pre-show time because that is the proper way, secured him his soda, popcorn, and gummy treats, and chose seats at an appropriate buffer distance from others, silently praying that no one would have the gall to sit right up on us or directly behind and kick me as is my curse. People filed in, stragglers as it darkened (whom, yes, I did look down upon), and then a woman and kids who sat right behind us and proceeded to kick the #$% out of me. Four times I stood to ask the corpulent little boy to stop and four times they did not respond, like they were deaf and mute, which they were not. Long story long, we got up and moved and it made a two-star movie, The Terrible Horrible whatever, a bad experience. No more movie theatres ever again. I have a pox upon me.

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    • 1. Rachel, our friend Lundygirl from the comment here, will love you for your theatre-going, Kerbey.
      2. Way to arrive early, buy properly, plan well, sit in peace and keep your distance.
      3. Freaking idiot parents behind you for pretending not to hear you or see that their ill-acting offspring were causing you discomfort. They probably were breathing through their mouths too hard to hear the thump on your seat and straining their brain too hard to attempt to figure out the G plot of Steve Carell’s comedy to know this was the time to tell Junior A and B to cut the crap.
      4. Bless you for not yelling at the offenders your own self. That could have been bad.
      5. At ‘Gone Girl,’ a young-60s woman to our immediately left thought she had the right to comment on every major plot point to her friend as if they were in one of their living rooms, continuing after my long, loud, pointed ‘Shhhh!’ Full theater, nowhere to move, and my dear wife Karen whispered in my ear to give it up and enjoy the movie anyway.

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      • It is impossibly hard to ignore someone who is commenting on plot points. Impossible to me, like playing cell phone games right next to you. Some people need to be shaken.


    • that sounds horrible (or should I say hor-ee-bleu as the French do since you are British and I have been looking at French photos on your blog), Kerbey. I am not as witty as Mark, so will just say Sorry you had that experience!

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  9. i was an archie girl, loved the whole gang. and i am so looking forward to st. vincent as well. films that are more artsy or alternative generally open in the big cities first and then roll out based upon how they do and will come to the arthouses next in select cities and go from there. in order to even be considered for oscar nominations, they must open somewhere prior to the end of the year, so they make sure they at least open in the big markets on time. ps – i love bill murray too and cannot wait for this film –

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  10. The Flash was my guy when I was a kid, possibly because I could run pretty fast and that was about all I could do. Wondered how they could make this into a film without seeming silly. Guess we’ll find out.


  11. I think central London cinemas get everything – but at a hefty price. We choose to go to our local cinema (still expensive). I don’t know how cinemas have coped with a lack of movie goers in the States but here the trend has been to show as many films as possible in smaller and smaller rooms. The large spaces with the big screen are almost gone and you sit in a tiny space with a big screen. Not that comfy. Not atmospheric. But at least they are still in business.
    I would love to say that i could run like a super hero – but the cape just gets in the way (as does honesty)


    • You have to fix the hem line of your cape, Rachel! Yes, we have many multiplexes, here, too, but they’ve figured the formula of putting the popular films in the big rooms and the less so in the tiny rooms. Expensive, yes.

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