Picture Steve Carell in an Acme Factory

(From syracusenewtimes,com)

(From syracusenewtimes,com)

Wasn’t Steve Carell born to be in a Looney Tunes plot?

It’s going to happen, reports The Hollywood Reporter and Cinema Blend. And “Acme” is going to be pivotal, manufacturing gadgets and more, for the plot.

The former boss of “The Office” should be perfect for this sort of cartoon line that ran amok so famously for Wile E. Coyote and The Roadrunner.

Also discovered by mining the web Wednesday night:

Oprah Winfrey will play Richard Pryor’s Grandma, the one who raised him in her brothel in Illinois, in the upcoming biography of the late, great funny man.

TMZ and Cinema Blend waxed about her involvement in this one.

If you’d like to read my weekly Film News blog, full of the connective links, click the link to the Syracuse New Times site below.


Which famous Loony Tunes character does Steve Carell remind you of the most? Who did you root for, Wile or Roadrunner? Will Oprah make a believable Madame?

34 thoughts on “Picture Steve Carell in an Acme Factory

  1. I love Steve Carell. I guess that means there will be speaking parts in a Wile E. Coyote and The Roadrunner face off. In that case, he’d be perfect as the conniving coyote. I rooted for Wile. I’ve always been for the underdog. 😉

    Oprah would be convincing in any role she chose.


    • I do not yet know how they will handle the Looney Tunes, Judy, but I’m sure it is going to be PDF. Pretty darn funny in the hands of Stevie. And Oprah is going to be PDC. Pretty damn convincing, of course.


  2. Can see your blog is going to be a fun ride! Will you always repost your pieces published elsewhere? I love that you’re writing on your own terms now. Gotta love the self-employed thing 🙂


    • Welcome, Liz! I don’t repost, exactly. I wrote a separate piecce about the same subject, and then link in to my freelance story. Two articles are always bouncing around my brain on any given movie or community subject at least, anyway! I’m also glad I finally clicked on your fun food-based-but-not-only blog!!


    • ‘The Way Back’ was my favorite movie last year, Mrs. B, and I though Stevie was terrific as a mean, nasty glad-he’s-not-gonna-be-the-step. Yeah, Oprah brings it every time, everything.


  3. I think that he could be a ‘good’ bad guy but I prefer him to be Daffy Duck or a wacky and fun character. His most nicest role, Karen would like this one, was in “Dan in Real Life.” The one where he played the “Forty Year Old Virgin,” was a sweet character, too! I will watch this no matter what, since the kids and grandies love Warner Brothers cartoons! Mark, hope you have a wonderful Labor Day and thanks for all the fun comments!


  4. Wile was one of my Favorite characters. Loved the Acme devices. Maybe that’s what I’ll be if I grow up – an Acme employee. Ha! Steve Carell will do well for Acme.


  5. Steve Carell is great and so are lots of Warner Bros characters. I think SC has good acting range, so I think he could manage any of my favorite WB-ers, including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, the Tasmanian Devil, the roadrunner, Mr. Coyote, Foghorn Leghorn, Elmer Fudd, etc. Thanks for the range of this post, Mark.


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