You can expect a pretty Wild West from Tarantino in 2015



Word was, Quentin Tarantino was pretty steamed when his script for “Hateful Eight” was leaked online. He threatened to scrap it. Pick something else for his eighth movie.

Now word is that the movie is on, shooting will begin in January, and the release will come before 2015 becomes 2016.

That could make lovers of his particular view and lovers of westerns happy all in one.

Me. You?

Also making news this week is the word that Steve Carell will star and produce for Disney a family adventure comedy based on the classic “Swiss Family Robinson.”

Title: “Brooklyn Family Robinson.”

Premise: He takes his family from the city to an island.

Could be fun.

If you’d like to read this week’s installment of my Film News blog on the Syracuse New Times site, click the link below.

Are you a fan of Quentin Tarantino’s different movie-making eye? Are you a western buff? Do you want to see Steve Carell on a remote island with his family?

36 thoughts on “You can expect a pretty Wild West from Tarantino in 2015

    • QT, he is or he isn’t, and to more than a half-dozen, Judy. I think that’s the way it is with SC, too, but the accept crowd is bigger for Steve than it is for Quentin because humor speaks more easily than tension.


      • Tension, I get. For me, “Pulp Fiction’s” plot was inane. An example of violence and a plot that was well done was “Natural Born Killers.” So, it’s not, as one person tried to say dismissively of my view of PF, that I’m into linear plot lines. 😉


  1. I am a fan of Tarantino’s film-making talents, Mark. I am not a fan of some of his behaviors in real life. My guess is that he is a jerk, personally, but maybe that’s just me, being judgmental. Thanks for the post.

    Your fan,


  2. I like Quentin T. and his rather violent and bizarre plot lines. He is an intriguing director. I enjoy Steve Carrell, usually his movies are funny, my favorite of his is a more serious role, “Dan in Real Life.” I will have to wait on these and see, Mark! Sorry, I just played ‘catch up’ on a whole week of your posts! Have a great time this weekend at the concert!


    • I have been running late in my blog reading, too, Robin. You needn’t ever have to apologize to me, my friend.

      Steve C was really good in ‘Finding a Friend for the End of the World.’ That was a good offbeat film, too, Robin.


  3. Mark, I want to see myself on a remote island with 20 or so of my favourite people, drinks with little umbrellas in them, a white sandy beach, delicious island fruits and other food and maybe even minus all electronics…maybe…
    Diana xo

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love QT, all of his work pretty much is spot-on. I like that “different” quirky style.

    I am a little tired of Steve Carrell. He was everywhere for a while, no?


  5. I bailed out on Tarantino a long time ago. I acknowledge his genius but I can’t take the violence anymore. Once those images get inside my head, they stay there for a long time. It’s a shame. I heard his last few were quite good.


  6. yeh, i do like some of his early stuff, and i am a great fan of westerns. this could be good. fingers crossed. as for the new swiss family, i love steve c very much, and i’m hopeful for this one too and wonder if he’ll take them to long island?


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