The offspring of Depp, Smith get juicy roles



Kevin Smith wrote it.

Johnny Depp stars in it.

“Yoga Hosers” sounds pretty cool right off the bat, does it not?

I saw the name of the film and thought: What the …

It’s the story of two 15-year-old yoga lovers, both named Colleen, who work at a Manitoba convenience story. They’re played by the real-life teen daughters of Depp and Smith, Lily-Rose Depp and Harley Quinn Smith.

It’s a goofy save-the-world adventure.

Also covered in my New Times blog is the great angle revealed by Cinema Blend that Paramount found out about a very sick “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Fan” and made his day with memorable gifts to his hospital bed.

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Do you enjoy the movie quirk style of director Kevin Smith, and if so, which one of his films is your fave? Do think it would be interesting to see Johnny Depp act with his teenage daughter, and do you think the Depp and Smith girls will be good, or are they getting the parts because of their dads? Hey, Diana and Paul and any other Canadian readers, does the film title “Yoga Hosers” hack you off, and if so, does that make me culturally insensitive?

31 thoughts on “The offspring of Depp, Smith get juicy roles

  1. Paul explained the origin of “hoser” up top, but the thing is the whole shtick was a sendup of Canadian stereotypes. THe CBC has weird Canadian content rules, and SCTV had to come up with said content. So Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis came up with the sketch as a joke. Ironically, rather than sending up the stereotypes, they ended up perpetuating them. Canadians don’t say “eh” all the time, and no one calls anyone a “hoser” except ironically. As for the accent, only hockey snnouncers and Rob Ford talk like that. “How I Met Your Mother” used to rip on Canadians and the stereotypes, but in a way so over the top that it was pretty funny. Canadians can take a joke, and love to laugh at ourselves; but most of the jokes (Mounties, curling, hoser, etc.) are pretty old by now. That said, Smith is a smart guy; let’s see what he comes up with. And that’s all I have to say aboot that.


  2. I would say that I have liked the director and the actor in many roles and movies. I like Johnny Depp, but sometimes not always going to pay money for everything either of these guys do. I will probably wait to rent or borrow from the library. I really liked the Great Budapest Hotel, along with the Exotic Marigolds Hotel, two different classy comedies! You are great at picking good ones, so may change my mind… One never knows! Smiles, Robin


  3. Hmm, don’t know any of those actors – sorry. But i have no problem with actors using their children – as long as they are good. I worked for my father for years and he was harder on me than he was on any other employee. He expected more and was quicker to criticize and harder to please. Don’t get me wrong he was a great Dad and yte at work he was a taskmaster – although he was also quick to praise when it was due.
    As far as the movie title, “hoser” is fine – no harm or slight. It is a term introduced to the masses by The MacKenzie brothers , a crack comedy team here in Canada. They took it from pickup hockey where the losing team had to hose down the rink after play. It does not connotate any bad intention or evil, it’s just a teasingly “Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, you’re a loser!” type of comment. We enjoy laughing at oursleves up here in Canada (it keeps us amused during the cold winters) and Bob and Doug McKensie are the epitome of self- degradation. Bring it on! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    • I remember the McKernskie Brothters, my friend Paul. Hey, I’m no spring chicken. I loved those Canadian funny guys. I’m a hockey fan from Long Island, an Islander fan from the Bossy-Potvin-Chico Resch-Billy Smith glory years. No hosers, they!


  4. i loved ‘clerks’ the best, and funny this is a return to convenience store setting. yes, the daughters got the job due to who their dad’s are, but i’m not ruling them out yet, they could be great, who knows? i would never call you insensitive, far from it, and i think the title is hilarious. hope the film lives up to it. very nice gesture on paramount’s part too –


  5. It’s been a while since Smith as put out something reputably great, and I hope this tag team of not-yet-famous daughters will help accentuate the film. Smith knows his stuff, and his comic book references, blatant relation and metaphorical writing, does him justice. It’s due for a comeback, and smith deserves it.

    Depp on the other hand … cannot wait for Mortdecai.


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