A trip for lunch where the grounds are flush with beauty

A walk along a beautiful path.

A walk along a beautiful path.

After our delicious buffet lunch Saturday, my dear wife Karen and I were glad she had purposely parked in a lot far from our destination.

We were at a spot filled with beautiful grounds, and our path to the car took us past carefully groomed gardens.

This island burst with color.

This island burst with color.

We wondered out loud how many workers are tasked with taking care of the grounds. There were plenty of plants full of blooms.

Wild looking, but exactly where it's supposed to be.

Wild looking, but exactly where it’s supposed to be.

There were also wild grasses placed in appropriate spots between the walkways and roadways.

And there also loomed over it all the reminder that all of this lushness was made possible by a very big business.

The Tower Hotel overlooks the pretty premises at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona, N.Y.

The Tower Hotel overlooks the pretty premises at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona, N.Y.

The many floors of the newer Tower Hotel at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona, N.Y. hold the overnight guests who help fill the gaming floors, dozen restaurants, four golf courses, four nightclubs, Showroom and Event Center.

It all added up to one great weekend buffet lunch — h ow does Chinese stir fry with shrimp, beef and house brown sauce for me and Mexican taco salad in a tortilla bowl for Karen, plus peel and eat shrimp for me, and carrot cake for Karen and sugar free cheesecake for me for dessert, sound? — followed by the treat of pretty sights.

The original hotel, some two decades old,  has a lower profile.

The original hotel, some two decades old, has a lower profile.

And I still have a big load of credit on my Christmas present gift card from Karen.

What’s the best buffet food you’ve ever had, and where did you get it? Where have you discovered pretty grounds mixed among big business centers? Would you rather go to the Lava dance club, the Tin Rooster country music club, The Gig rock club, or The Turquoise Tiger 1940s style cocktail lounge, and why?

39 thoughts on “A trip for lunch where the grounds are flush with beauty

  1. Your buffet and say sound fabulous Mark. I have to say, since you asked, I don’t recall a buffet that was fabulous. Wait! Okay, regular buffets, they’ve been okay. But my nephews started a BBQ sauce business, which went hand in hand with their catering and then they built a small place to hold events and once a month they put out a buffet for the public. THAT is the most fabulous buffet ever. I do look forward to that. And that setting has a fabulous view of rolling fields, hills, and great shots of an undisturbed sky. Okay, I was wrong. That buffet is always fabulous.


      • This is an interesting buffett, Aud. All the waiting is done outside the place, as the line at peak dinner periods is quite long. But once inside, there are so many food stations, that the only wait I encounter is at the stir fry station, and that’s because you scoop your ingredients and hand the plate to the chef, who makes it on the grill in front of you. And because of the traffic, all the food always looks fresh to me. Anyway. … You is what you is regarding buffets. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. beautiful and i love your mix of cuisines from the buffet, that’s what’s so fun about them. i’ll bet you both were in heaven. i think karen gave you the perfect gift, she obviously knows you so well –

    one of my favs ever was a massive asian buffet, all sorts of crazy things, and fried things, and soups, and noodle things, and rice things, and cookies, and god knows what, but it was great. )

    from the choices your offered, i would prob go to the retro cocktail lounge, it could be really fun )


  3. The question is: did you gamble? On our way back from Kansas, we stopped into a couple Oklahoma casinos on the highway. I turned $10 into $81 at the first and lost it all at the second. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I take it you like shrimp. I do, too! Those flowers are lovely. Everything is turning yellow and dry in Texas, but Kansas was much prettier. And those NY flowers are even prettier by far. Can’t decide between the Rooster and the Tiger. Guess I’d have to go to both. In different outfits. Or maybe a 1940s Nudie outfit would work for both.


  4. On weekends, a local Indian restaurant has a buffet style lunch. I love it! You know, Mark, that 40’s style cocktail lounge sounds good, I would try that!

    Glad you and Karen enjoyed yourselves so much!
    Diana xo


  5. Yikes! That’s a heapin’ pile of gardenin’. It is very beautiful Mark. As you say, big money can do that. Sigh. that always leaves me with a conundrum. There is no doubt that the beauty would not be there at all if not for the companies, and yet some how it seems somewhat elitist. A playground for the well-to-do. And yet it can be shared by others as well. I always feel guilty but then why should I feel guilty about beauty? Sigh, all so confusing.

    Anyway, thanks for the pics and post Mark. Very beautiful and a great meal too. A wonderful way to spend a Saturday and a delightful gift from your wife..


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