Dinner with Daryl at Captain John’s

A week ago, my dear wife Karen and I took that short drive east for another exciting chapter of our Dinner with Daryl series.

Not that barbecue in the backyard I’ve been rooting for since my wonderful stepson moved into his nice new house this winter. He’s yet to get a grill, and I know work has kept him busy, and his hours are not conducive for buying one nor using one.

So he gave me one of his wry smiles when I brought the subject up.

A salty place in Sylvan Beach, N.Y.

A salty place in Sylvan Beach, N.Y.

Instead I snooped in Daryl’s shed and admired his big, new riding mower when we picked him up, and then we headed off in Karen’s car for the short drive to Sylvan Beach and Captain John’s.

Karen had spotted a billboard for the place next to our Syracuse beltway advertising a prime rib and lobster special for $16.99, hatching this very destination.

We were greeted with a hostess and servers and decor that the Captain must have chosen himself. Ahoy, there, matey. Arghhhh. Hello Jimmy Buffett AND Bob Marley, too. It made me smile.

I indeed went for the billboard special, while Karen and son both altered it slightly, switching out the tail for fried shrimp. They took smashed mashed for the side, while I picked pasta with marinara.

The beef, petite cut, was kind of well, served with jus, and tasty. My lobster tail, three ounces and served with drawn butter, was not quite firm and also not quite average. Shrimp next time for me, too, because they both raved. However, I thought he marinara was the best I’ve tasted in a long time, and the linguini was cooked past al dante, the way I like it. I told the waitress to compliment the chef on his sauce for me. She said, really?! That, too, made me smile.

All full, we passed on any desserts, asked for a container, and Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle was thrilled when we got home by prime rib trimmings times three.

As we departed, the sun was setting across the road, over Oneida Lake. It made for a pretty sight bouncing through the classic car, parked there to advertise Captain John’s.

Yes, Sylvan Beach is a tourist town, a mini Coney Island, if you will.

Across that street also stands a boardwalk with rides and amusement games. The village is full of restaurants and entertainment.

Kind of a hidden Throwback Thursday subject just 40 miles east of Syracuse.

Do you go for a surf-and-turf, and what’s your surf and what’s your turf? Buffett or Marley? Skee ball or water into the clown’s nose? Roller coaster or bumper cars

Sunset at Sylvan Beach.

Sunset at Sylvan Beach.


38 thoughts on “Dinner with Daryl at Captain John’s

  1. Mark, I often use the word “Arghhhh” when I’m upset or disappointed (except when I’m being a pirate). Today, that word (and all the others here) made me very happy (especially because you’re posting in the morning). Great to read your words (no matter when).


  2. what a fun night, and don’t worry about the grillfest, it will happen one day when it’s time has come. ) this post made me so hungry and i suppose surf and turf is not a viable breakfast option for me today. as for my tastes – i would go lobster with prime rib or rare steak, and bob marley. water in the clown’s nose and bumper cars unless is was an old classic coaster then i am all over that. wonder what this all says about me? )

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  3. Good morning. So happy Ellie B is enjoying some good treats too! Definitely Marley. More surf, less turf around here these days. Just back from Maine and Massachusetts….lobster, scallops, clams……arrrrggghhhh, I miss New England seafood.


  4. Yumminess. Anything lobster related peaks my interest. I’ll also kill for shrimp. My mother makes the best shrimp scampi evah. She serves it as an appetizer on cut up baguettes and…Mama Mia!!! Slurp!

    I leave for the Cape on Saturday and am already salivating at the thought of frequenting Sesuit Harbor Cafe. πŸ˜‰

    Glad you had a nice visit and meal, Mr B.


  5. Given a choice, soft shell crabs for me, coke slaw and French fries. πŸ™‚ And roller coaster, definitely, as long as it doesn’t loop. Like the old fashioned, rickety-sounding coasters! Creates anticipation and a healthy dose of fear! πŸ˜€


  6. We are going to check out Sylvan Beach later in the summer as a late destination for the fam next summer. Lobster is my very favorite and I love the process to get the sweet meat. Thanks for the information. . . will be looking for the restaurant when we go there.


  7. Looks fun! We need more fun restaurants around here. Hub’s allergic to lobster, so I haven’t eaten it in years. Don’t remember what it tastes like. Buffet, Skee Ball, and no amusement park rides with my bad back. I’m an official bystander. Glad you had a good time.


    • Let’s go play skee ball and see what we can get with the tickets, Kerbey! Maybe an old Parrothead shirt! Fun time that would be, my friend. I think you need to rediscover the taste of lobster. Hubby can have the fish.


  8. Sounds like a feast Mark. Although I got the impression you felt it could have been done better. I would do T-bone and lobster if I had a choice. Love both. Crab is very tasty too. I’m originally from Halifax and we would go down to the docks and buy lobster as it came off the fishing boats. Delicious. I haven’t been out for such a feast in a while. It is about time. Thanks for the memories. Glad Ellie B got a taste too. She must have been ahppy.


  9. I would have chosen the prime rib (medium rare) and the lobster tail, too. Too bad it wasn’t firm nor as delicious as you would have liked. Fried shrimp usually cannot be ‘ruined!’ I would listen to Jimmy Buffett over Marley, although my son would cringe! He, after all, got ‘his way,’ by naming my 5 year old granddaughter, that name!
    I would like a live reggae band, though! I would choose the rides, if they still have them, at Coney Island, just no spinning ones, Mark!
    Thanks for your very kind and supportive response to my serious post today! Hugs, Robin


      • I am glad that as a man, you don’t mind owning up to the fact they make you dizzy, Mark!! Since I have been dragged a few times, in my younger days, upon something called the Rotor, which has the floor drop off, the Corkscrew which goes upside down and around, and the Bat or something that allows your feet to hang down, where you feel very much not ‘held down in place.’ I am now able to say, “No,” and not be persuaded!! Ta dah! You know you are an adult when you can admit your ‘weaknesses!’


  10. Scotch and Sirloin does the trick for me in the world of steaks; however, I have not had the pleasure of enjoying surf and turf yet. Not sure why. I’ve never had the urge to do so.

    My choice is Marley over Jimmy, but there is a place for Buffet. I don’t write him completely off, because he’s an musician, a writer, an entertainer, and he’s created his own niche in the world of art — in my opinion. Many, including Kenny Chesney’s latter works, have tried to copy or mimic Buffet, but it’s a hard thing to do.


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