I’m here to gasp about a really long trailer

(From syracusenewtimes.com)

(From syracusenewtimes.com)

My Movie News blog over at the Syracuse New Times site this week takes a minute or two to discuss a topic that’s without a doubt a sore point.

The long movie trailer. Too much. Much much too much.

I found two stories about a trailer that runs 72 minutes.

It’s for a movie titled “Ambiance,” an artsy thing, if you will, a blockbuster, the whole darn block, a city, a country …

Anyway, this movie, due to come out in 2020, will be 720 hours long. Which I suppose makes the trailer kind of, well, puny.

Also coming up in this week’s installment of the blog over there, is my take on the word that Disney is going to take Dumbo into the realm of their animation to real-life.

And they’ve hired Ehren Kruger, who wrote the “Transformer” franchise, to take the elephant from 1941 to today. I say …


If you’d like to read my piece at the Syracuse New Times site, click the link below.


At what point of a 72-minute trailer do you think you might get antsy? At what point of a 720-hour movie do you think you might need your first potty break? At what point do you think Dumbo may turn into a diesel truck?

45 thoughts on “I’m here to gasp about a really long trailer

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  2. I am sure since its release is a long ways away, that there will be so much ‘hype’ out, that it may do the opposite effect on me, Mark! *I may not want to see it, just to be ‘stubborn!’ Smiles, Robin


  3. It would take 30 days to watch it continually from begining to end. To watch two hours of it everyday will take two years to watch the entire movie. Watching Games of Thrones I am impatient waiting for the next episode. But I would get tired watching a movie for 720 hours. Geeze!


  4. “72 minutes?” Wow! That’s almost movie length. My math skillz are not what they used to be – 720 hours + 30 days, right? Not a chance I’ll be watching this. πŸ˜‰

    And, no, I don’t want them re-doing Dumbo. Let Hollywood get a new idea for a change instead of regurgitating the classics – and screwing them up in the process. Arggghhh!


  5. while i am an art film lover, i have no desire to spend 30 days – 24/7, watching anything, as for dumbo, i like the classics to be left alone, and the combo of the transformers influence and Iive action doesn’t bode well for this animated sweet tearjerker.i wonder if brad pitt and angelina jolie will star? or will justin beiber be involved in some way? i think studios take the easy route sometimes, without creating original ideas, and recycle movies that were classics in their time and just try to put a bigger, better millennium spin on them.sorry for the rant, you know i’m passionate about movies )
    p.s. i agree with rachel and would much prefer to see the lucy/desi classic ‘the long, long trailer.’ )


  6. I have trouble suffering through movies that are more than 90 minutes long unless they are absolutely superb. I don’t think a 720 hour long movie will be on my agenda in 2020. Furthermore, the only “long trailer” I can recommend is actually “The Long, Long Trailer” which starred Lucy and Desi. Now THAT was a long (long) trailer worth watching! LOL! πŸ˜‰


  7. That’s a lot of popcorn I would need to consume! Wow. Interesting movie but I may have a conflict that day or the next 30, so I will have to catch it on Netflix. πŸ™‚ As for Dumbo, I wish they would leave the poor guy alone. πŸ™‚


  8. Thats just ridiculous! So called ‘artists’ think they can turn out any old crap and call it art and think they can get away with it. Who would want to sit through that? Not many, but the ones who do t will be branded as plebs who dont understand art by the few who do.


  9. I suppose someone has to make the longest movie ever, but I really am not sure it is worth doing. I am not an artsy type, so what do I know? Other than I would go waaaaaay out of my way to stay away from it. And Dumbo – progress marches on – waiting for no person. We’re antiques Mark. The other day I accidently dropped a dime on the floor while paying at a store. A young woman of about twenty quickly bent over, picked it up and offered it back to me with a smile. Sigh. That was so nice of her. *Sob* I’m sure she will like the new Dumbo – what can I say?


    • I like the old Dumbo. Sigh. They showed it to us at school, the 1941 original. Double sigh. Paul, I would not go see this longest movie ever because it is 720 hours long. That”s 717 hours too long for me.


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