Here I Am..

Here’s my heavy-handed reminder to all: Peace Love Great Country Music has changed handles to Apple Pie and Napalm, so click over, follow, and DO NOT get lost in the blog redesign. I am now off the July Fifth soap box …

Apple Pie and Napalm

I missed you this week.

I had this name in use over two years ago. I heard the phrase used a million years ago on M*A*S*H. Trapper said it during a conversation with Hawkeye and I remembered it these years later. I think it relates to two different sides of somone.

I had a blog a few years ago, but I was so green and silly and the blog only lasted less than a year. It was kinda juvenile and at some point you just grow up and grow out of things. The content and the blog name didn’t mesh well, either. I was going through a tough time, both personally and professionally. I think the blog title was fun and adventurous and crazy and I definitely was far from being any of that. In hindsight, I was one out of the three.

I shut the blog down. It was…

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9 thoughts on “Here I Am..

  1. I love my country, pop, rock and roll and many other sounds of music! Glad to be supportive of someone who loves music and peace, too! I am a hippie at heart, so this is one of my favorite places, for quite some time, I have followed her! Hugs to Mark and all!


  2. Thank you for the reblog! I’m slowly coming out of lost and found. I had a minor technical oversight that was remedied last night, and I am optimistic that everything gets back to normal soon. I did think of a great blog name last night, but I think we are going to stay as is.


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