Is that another ‘Big Fat Greek Wedding’ you’re spying on, Houdini?



A dozen years ago, somebody rolled the dice on the ideas of Nia Vardolas, to the tune of $5 million.

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding” came out.

America loved it. The world loved it. People got rich. And I’m not talking about Greek food feasts. As in, cha-ching for the biggest grossing romantic comedy ever.

There will be a sequel. Some people are warming up their Greek dancing already. Some people are saying finally. Vardolas is cracking wise about it.

You can see what she told Variety by clicking over to my Thursday installment of my Syracuse New Times film blog.

But wait before you jump to that link below.

Johnny Depp is in negotiations to play Harry Houdini.

This Houdini will be fashioned from the book that documents how not only was he a escape artist, but a master of spying and espionage, too.

I will not make a joke about whether or not this film will be a safe bet at the box office. I will allow you to escape that cheap sort of humor this week.

If you’d like to read my film blog on the Syracuse New Times site, click the link below.

Did you see “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” 12 years ago? Did you ever think you’d see the sequel? Don’t you just love baklava? Do you think Johnny Depp is more believable as a swashbuckling pirate, Tonto making fun of the Lone Ranger, or Harry Houdini spying on people?


44 thoughts on “Is that another ‘Big Fat Greek Wedding’ you’re spying on, Houdini?

  1. Gotta give Depp – so very versatile. Houdini movie? I don’t think today’s audiences are very into movies about real people in history. And oldsters like me that grew up on movies about real people don’t like today’s movies about real people because they are not real but historical fiction.

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  2. Never saw ‘Big Fat Greek Wedding’. Yeah me and some other guy probably the only two people left in America who did not see it.

    Are you sure it grossed more that “Shakespeare in Love”? Not doubting your fact-checking, just seems to me that was the better film. I can say this because I have not seen ‘Greek Wedding’ and I am biased toward anything ‘Shakespeare’

    I must admit I am a Johnny Depp fan. I believe he has great range and can play most any part he takes. Loved him in ‘Ed Wood’ and I sheepishly admit I love all the Pirate films, even though I am NO fan of Disney for the most part. Hell! He was even damn good in ‘Apocalypse Now’ Just as was Larry Fishburn. Two young ‘uns who went on to greater performances.

    He was also great in ‘Don Juan DeMarco’ with Brando and Faye Dunaway.
    Read your article in ‘Syracuse New Times’

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  3. Okay, I would go see the sequel to “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” hoping that the man from the first one, the actor (John Corbett) who plays the one who falls in love with her, is back! I have loved that guy since he was in his first t.v. series… “Northern Exposure,” as the radio announcer! Anyway, I will always go to Johnny Depp movies, even Alice in Wonderland, all good and don’t mind if it is totally different from expected performance, like the one where it was the secret window… You are always good to let us in on these things, Mark!! Smiles, Robin

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  4. Johnny Depp is a good actor, but he looks like he smells of patchouli. I need him to smell like Irish Spring. I have to second REO Speedwagon above me–it was hard not to like John Corbett as the love interest. I could also see my granddad in Nia’s father, even though we’re not Greek. Very funny.


  5. I did see My Big Fat Greek Wedding, several years after it came out. It was fun. I’m not crazy about baklava, because it doesn’t include chocolate (desserts without chocolate disturb me). I think Johnny Depp has been a believable, good actor in everything I’ve seen, including “Sweeney Todd,” even though that was an odd piece of casting. I admit I did not see “The Lone Ranger” (although I saw the trailer, which disturbed me). Thank you for this fine post and the reviews, Mark.


  6. I loved My Big Fat Greek Wedding Mark. Johnny Depp is weird, and I can say that because he is from Owensboro. My sis-in-law went to school with him, I knew his family, he’s the black sheep, the odd duck, crazy like me. Guess what Mark. I’m sorta back. They say they sent me an email but they didn’t. They never have, and they didn’t this time either, but I wrote a draft that I didn’t publish yet and can’t find now but I’m making a comment, I think. We’ll see if it happens, anyway.


  7. i loved the first one, made me crave greek food and dancing and fun. yes, i think i’d enjoy a second one too. hmmm to houdini, i loved the original and not sure about the remake with this angle, though i think depp would do an intense job playing him. )


  8. I’m with Lance. Never saw that Greek Wedding movie. As for Mr. Depp. Where to begin? I love that man. He is easy on the eyes, talented, and always plays interesting, quirky characters. Recently though, I gotta say, I was disappointed to hear he left his long time companion for a young starlet who looks like she isn’t old enough to join him for a drink at the bar. But that’s none of my business. I adore his work.


  9. I’m with Lance too – haven’t seen MBFGW but I love baklava. Mr Depp is another story. Any time I’ve seen him interviewed I found him a pompous ass. But, that said, I have always liked his characters – he is without a doubt an excellent actor and I am constantly amazed by hos range and performances.


  10. I saw the movie then but was “meh” about it. I’m also “meh” about baklava as well as Johnny Depp. But I am a huge fan of Mark Bialczak, so I’d like to congratulate him on yet another awesome post! πŸ˜€


  11. Johnny Depp first–love him, my fav was “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” (Leonardo DiCaprio in that, too)-terrific movie! As for baklava, I love it, and recall the time I taught ESL kindergarten and a student from Palestine brought in a huge tray of it for a class party. The kids didn’t care for it, and I started eating it after school…picture a teacher comatose and drooling from a sugar overload. How could anyone not love it? Great post, Mark. πŸ™‚


    • When I wrote the Best Bets for the Weekend section of the Big Daily, the wonderful women of the Greek Fest always saw fit to bring a tray of pastries over the first day of the event, with a yellow post-it note saying CNY section. I always called them up and said, please, don’t do that, your pastries are so delicious, I will be by to drop a donation in the cookie jar … Those Greek pastries are incredible, and Baklava is so high on the list, Ermi, even though a tiny teenie bite is all I can allow myself, re, the sugar!


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  13. MBFGW was such a fun surprise hit – I remember loving every minute of it when I first watched the film. I wonder how/if they will match the fun of the first movie. And Johnny Depp can be anything he wants to on screen and I will gladly watch!


  14. I jumped up and down in my living room, hugging myself ever so tightly when I heard the news! I so related to that movie because other than using Windex for pimples, my dad was exactly like Toula’s father. I still watch it from time to time and never get sick of it. Can’t wait! πŸ™‚


    • Well, that is a touching thought, Mrs. B, your reaction to the news of this sequel. I am glad it touches so close to memories of your dad. Bring on more of Toula’s dad for Mrs. B, please and thank you!


  15. The sequel to MBFGW might be too much of a rash that Windex cannot cure.

    Mr. Depp needs to step away from these adventure roles. Between the close calls and CGI his characters endure, we don’t need to see another parallel to Jack Sparrow/Tonto.


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