the speed of the boss is the speed of the team – lee iacocca

Today I present guest blogger Beth, esteemed Ann Arbor author of I Didn’t Have My Glasses On. Beth and I engaged in the baseball bloggers death match, Syracuse Chiefs vs. Toledo Mud Hens style, the past two weeks. Take it away, Beth:

and in the end,
the mud hens tried to cross the road
to get to the other side,
but weren’t quite fast enough.
and got taken out by the chiefs.

Hot Dog

we began the big night
with a visit to colonel klinger’s beloved tony packo’s
and all was going well.
what’s not to love about a hungarian coney island restaurant?
after we filled up
on spaetzle and chili dogs and beer and fried pickles,
we headed across the street to the stadium.


and at last, the final night, a chance for a tie,
in the epic rivalry of the aaa baseball teams.
including a couple of weeks of interstate trash talking
and sports competition fun
with my blogfriend and writer, mark of

Hen Head

and after the anthem was sung and the first pitch was thrown
we all felt confident.
including my blue hen seat neighbor.
and they played and they played.
and all to no avail.


alas, it was a sad loss for my mud hens.
but a happy night
filled with families of multiples,
and mascots and mayhem.
and much fun making mark miserable
(in a good way).
and I look forward to another friendly competition
when our college football teams meet this fall.
i’m sure our wolverines will eat his Terps for dinner……..
and i’d like to congratulate mark and his chiefs on their series win, they proved themselves to be most worthy and wily opponents.

oh, and one last comment from my friend and hen –


So where might my reaction to this bloggers baseball dilly of a wager be, you might ask? Why, over on Beth’s blog, of course.

49 thoughts on “the speed of the boss is the speed of the team – lee iacocca

  1. Beth’s face and sign were showing a positive side of the contest/rivalry! I laughed at her posts’ and your posts’ digs at each other, all in fun! I liked the picture of you with your sign on her post, too! I loved your little poem about the mud hens and the chiefs. Great fun!

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  2. Congratulations Mark. Sorry Beth. I still love the Mud Hens name, mainly because of Corporal Klinger, but since I knew Mark first I had to root for him. Beth, maybe next year….I won’t finish that because Mark’s my buddy from my very first blog, and now that I’m starting over for the third time, whew, I want to keep him in my corner. Of course, I want you there too. Darn, I want every one there. Gotta go feed my face. Breakfast was at 4:30 when I climbed out of my nest.



  3. Congratulations to you both, and some thoughts from an old friend of Mark’s who happens to be an alum of THE Ohio State University, so (sorry Beth) you know who I was rooting for in this grudge match. I will say that the photo of the Toledo ballpark makes me envious. The power-brokers in Syracuse in the ’90s made the fatal mistake of building a new AAA park on the outskirts of town, near the mega-mall. Downtown Syracuse is a sad place, although it’s showing signs of hope and life. If we had the ballpark downtown, we’d be that much further ahead. Mark, come football season, you know I’m backing your Terps against Beth’s “team from up north.” (Buckeyes are not allowed to say its name). Ok, now over to her blog to read Mark’s post … Good work, you two!


    • Thanks, Jim. A downtown ballpark would have been the way to go 15 years ago. But they didn’t, so this one is the park people should flock to because it’s the one we have. Yes, go Terps, against the (unmentionables). What happens between you and I on certain Saturdays in the fall now, by the way, sir? Ugly it could become.

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    • Next time, we do figure out a way to all go to a game together, Beth. That’s the only way we could top this little escapade. Thanks for the biggest baseball bloggers baseball wagers competition ever fun, from first game and post to last, my friend.

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      • that’s right mark, that would kick it up a notch. and it was fun watching will rhymes play for you, one of our former tigers and hens alum. don’t worry mark, my youngest daughter was a buckeye for a time when i was in grad school as a wolverine. now talk about a rivalry…..) thanks for all the fun mark and readers )

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