I might even give it a catchy new nickname …

They'll let you put your money where your heart is at Onondaga Lake Park.

They’ll let you put your money where your heart is at Onondaga Lake Park.

When I enjoyed my Saturday stretch with Ellie B, aka Dogamous Pyle, at Onondaga Lake Park last Saturday, I had ulterior motives.

I wanted to take pictures for today’s installment of my weekly community blog for Syracuse Public Media site waer.org. I happen to think the facilities at Onondaga Lake Park deserves some boasting.

The little spot above, outside the Salt Museum, tells all that you can put some dollars behind your love for the parks.

Not right now, sorry, but perhaps someday. I do indeed like the idea behind adding a little more oomph to the tax dollars that already are making the facility open to all. And they’re doing plenty with my taxes, I think.

if you’d like to read my story today on Syracuse Public Media site waer.org, here’s the link.


If you’d like to see the photos I took of Ellie B, aka Dogamous Pyle, enjoying Onondaga Lake Park last Saturday, click this link.


If you’d like to see the photos I took along the Creek Walk last November, click this link.


Have you ever donated to a public facility because you think they’re dong a fine job?

28 thoughts on “I might even give it a catchy new nickname …

  1. Your city needs to give you a key to the city. I’m not sure what that means….but you are a wonderful promoter of your ‘home’.

    I have donated by participating in an event or two. Not to mention the taxes…. I see a lot of parks when we go on our self designed bike rides. And I love the communities who put a lot of effort, even if not a lot of money, in to their parks.


  2. I usually give to parks and recreation here in our town, but when I see the different parks in Columbus and central Ohio, I am very proud that they are doing fairly well! I enjoy your walks with Ellie B. also the way you appreciate your area and parks! It is nice to know someone who has Civic Pride! Smiles, Robin


  3. 11-5 was the score from last night. i’m just saying.. ))

    ps i really like the park and the pics, it looks like a great place and clear to see why both of you love it there. i give to the top of the park festival here, an outdoor summer fest, and find it to be a great cause for the entire city, one every age can enjoy.


  4. Hens vs. Chiefs trash talk gearing up over on I Didn’t Have My Glasses On. Thought you should know. And in that spirit maybe, “Beat the Mud Hens Garden Center” might work?

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  5. I have donated a few dollars here and there to parks or facilities I really love and want to see maintained well. Most of the time it was money well used. I’ve also donated money to help maintain the building I live in but I think that money went into the pocket of the manager, because the building is still not well maintained. My favorite park in the area is Panther Creek Park, out in the area where I grew up, so naturally it would be my favorite spot. My 9 pound going on 90 pound mutt and I would walk around there a lot, and I took numerous photos of the park for my photography class, developing and printing them myself. I lost most of them in one of my many moves, but I wasn’t the greatest at developing photos, so they weren’t that great a loss.

    Something I’ve always wanted to ask but keep forgetting Mark. Why do you call Ellie B. Dogamus Pyle? I can think up some reasons, but hope I’m wrong, so if you could please explain?????


    • I wish you had kept some of those photos just for old time’s sake, Angie. I know what you mean, though. When I had photo class in college, the developing part was my nemesis. Crinks in the film. I liked the printing part on the enlarger, though.

      I gave Ellie B that nickname just because it sounded big and significant. Nothing about Ellie B bombs, no. Dogamous like a dinosaur. Then Pyle seemed to roll off because of an old Southern rock drummer you just might be familiar with, Artemus Pyle. And there I had it. I love giving nicknames. Thanks for your curiousity, Angie!


  6. I think it’s a great idea too Mark. A few years back I visited OK City and was told by a tour guide that their downtown had been a mess some years back. So the city took an extra dollar each year from each tax payer (all were in agreement) for 10 years or something like that and rebuilt the downtown core, which in my humble opinion is amazing!

    One thing that stands out in my tour of the city is the OK river which used to be named the Canadian River!
    Diana xo


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