Chiefs put me up 3-1 in blockbuster bloggers baseball wager

My, there are many different Syracuse Chiefs hats

My, there are many different Syracuse Chiefs hats. (Photo by Karen Miller Bialczak)

I know, I’m wearing my New York Mets hat in a sea of Syracuse Chiefs caps in the picture above, taken by my dear wife Karen when we visited the ballpark merchandise store Friday night.

What with the Chiefs defeating the Toledo Mud Hens 1-0 Sunday at NBT Bank Stadium in Syracuse, it must might be time for me to swap out.

The victory put my up 3-1 in the gigantic and immensely important bloggers baseball wager between yours truly and Beth of I Didn’t Have My Glasses On.

Game details are always fun when the squad you want to win indeed wins. Taylor Hill tossed a complete game three-hitter, and catcher Jhonatan Solano hit a solo homer in the seventh inning for the only run of the contest.

Both squads play other teams for a stretch before they play four more games in Toledo, May 13 to 16.

The goal is to reach five wins and achieve some very sweet bragging rights over Beth, the very talented blogger from Ann Arbor, a graduate of Michigan and devoted fan of the Wolverines, Red Wings and Tigers. That last tie, of course, makes her root for the Hens, the Triple-A team for Detroit. And Ann Arbor is only 45 minutes from Toledo, she tells me.

The only game the Chiefs lost of the four here in Syracuse was the one Karen and I attended. I’m 0-3 at NBT Bank Stadium so far this season.

With the last four in Toledo … Let’s see how your luck is live and in person at Jamie Farr Stadium, Beth. What, that’s not the name of where the Mud Clucks strike out? Corporal Klinger Field? Holy Toledo Emporium?

19 thoughts on “Chiefs put me up 3-1 in blockbuster bloggers baseball wager

  1. and now you are just strutting around like some sort of chief, well, hold onto your hat, because there are still 4 games to go, in a stadium where the hens will come home (plate) to roost.


  2. Oh, Mark, be careful of what you write, in case you have to eat your words. While I’m rooting for you, I’ve learned over the years that sometimes when the early bird gets the worm, sometimes the worm has just swallowed a black widow spider. That doesn’t make much sense to me either, but not much on wisdom tonight.

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