Closed for Easter

Stay home for the holiday, workers.

Stay home for the holiday, workers.

After viewing “Heaven Is for Real” for my weekly film review for the Syracuse New Times site this afternoon, my dear wife Karen and I took a little walk around the Syracuse mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA.

The entertainment and dining portions seemed to be business as usual. Eat-in restaurants were all seating hungry folks.

But it looked like just one stand in the ample food court was open, a joint called Chicken Now.

And all but one retail store appeared to be closed for Easter.

One young woman was handing out fliers for a store by the name of Fossil. Karen tells me it’s a clothing store where people younger than us might want to shop. Any takers would get an extra 25 percent off, the advertisement promised.

It seemed odd by reassuring to see so many stores closed for the holiday.

Do you think department stores should be open or closed on Easter?

24 thoughts on “Closed for Easter

  1. It’s a free country, so business owners should be able to run stores how they want to. We were glad to be able to go enjoy BBQ and then buy some Half-Price Books, but the rest of the shopping center was closed, and I was glad. It’s good to see the holiday (the only day of the year that means I will have eternal life) respected. I got to wear my big floral petticoat Easter dress and experience two services at two different churches, so that was nice. The car lots were also closed, but I got to roam about and sit inside new Toyota and Honda SUVs, so that was fun. BTW, I got a Fossil watch for college graduation. It promptly broke; I sent it back in the mail per their order (this was pre-Internet), and they never sent it back. No word, no nothing, no refund.


  2. On our news tonight there were moans and groans that big stores were closed today – but I think it’s a good thing. Shop workers get a rare day off on a Sunday and everyone can do their shopping either the day before or after.


  3. I think it’s nice to see everyone get time off. It is only in very recent history that we have had to have everything at our disposal and available to us 24/7. But because the world is running businesses 24/7 today might be the only day some folks have to get some of their business done. Vicious cycle. But I like that businesses close and give their employees time off.


  4. as a person who has had to work through many holidays in the past, i say i am happy they are closed. as for movies, holidays are some of the biggest box office days of the year, especially christmas and thanksgiving, and for those days, let employees have the option of working if they want to, short shifts, and for a big bonus. ) that is what i would do if i was in control of any of these things…..


  5. The world was so much nicer when all stores were closed every Sunday. I went ride-about this afternoon and everything except McDonald’s was closed tight, and I was happy to see that. People show more respect to the public if they have a day each week to call their own. I can understand health care having to be available, but really, do you HAVE to shop on Sunday, or is it just more convenient because you planned your week around using Sunday as a “shopping day” instead of a day off.


      • Not only for the workers, but I think it gives a message that the rest of us need to remember. I still think about WAAAAYYYY back when I was little and then things were closed on Sunday. Then they started opening a half day on Sunday, and now everything is open as long as possible to get the last dollar they can. And when I start thinking about those days, then I get on a tangent about how employers used to take care of their employees and employees used to be dedicated to their employers. And from there, I jump to how the cost of living used to match the job… You get the idea. So, suffice it to say, I think people should be allowed to be off on the holiday, they should get overtime/double time pay if they do have to work the holiday, and consumers should send a message by not patronizing the establishments that don’t honor those employees, and we should all take the time off to be with our families and be kind to each other. SIGH. Okay, it’s time for me to get off my soapbox now. LOL! 😉

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