My blogging friend Angie originates the Angel Award

From the bluegrass music capital of Owensboro, my blogging friend Angie consistently and persistently produces smart and sassy work with her Kentucky Angel’s Train Wrecks blog.

Angie is the type of writer who can rap somebody on the knuckles and have them wait an hour or two before deciding that it hurts.

This dogged and determined woman has M.S. She’s broken her shoulder. Angie lives in an apartment complex where the management often tries to take advantage of tenants. She named her blog what she did because she keeps running into things with her mobility chair.

I dig her experienced and humorous vision of this life. She carries an edge that she’s earned.

I nominated Angie for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award.

In her acceptance blog piece, she ended by posting a badge for an Award she’s starting today.

Angel Award

Doesn’t the Angel Award look nice?

Angie says anybody who reads her blog can accept her award.

I am honored.

She says there’s no strings attached, no rules, no hoops to jump through, no wordy mountains to climb.

That’s refreshing.

But I decided to write this little tribute to my friend Angie.

Click the link above and give her a read. Angie is a good friend to have.

Thank you, Angie.

15 thoughts on “My blogging friend Angie originates the Angel Award

  1. congrats to you mark, you are like the meryl streep of the blog world. also stopped by angle’s place and began reading and following her. thanks for the recommendation, she sounds like an amazing woman )


    • First time I have ever been analogized with Meryl Streep, Beth. I humbly accept your analogy and I’d like to thank all of the people whom without …

      Now where’s Ellen to get us all into a selfie?

      I hope you enjoy Angie’s toughness and sense of humor battling a tough disease.


  2. Victoria, my brother lives near Lexington, retired from Associate Dean of School of Med. at U.K. and son-in-law is now chief of staff and Ph.D, prof of Poly Sci at U.K. Thanks for the compliment.


  3. Thanks Mark. You’re a good friend to have also. And thanks for helping me get the word out. I’m still trying to notify my dragon awardees.(I think I just invented a word).


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