Whoa! When did your hair get that long?

Daughter Elisabeth and boyfriend George got to the Appleby’s before us for lunch yesterday, seated side-by-side and reading the menus when my dear wife Karen and I spotted them and sat down.

Good talk, much smiling, a raised eyebrow or two, more laughs and satisfying catch-up, as usual.

Health insurance changes. Physical therapy practices. Family photos on blogs. Dog walking and dog naming, for the excitable pooch left by relative the past month at George’s parents’ house.

All is well in their world, although Elisabeth is a tad nervous that George had to wire the radiator into the front of his car because it had detached.

It won’t explode, he told her more than once.

If that radiator falls out while you’re driving, you guys are are (in deep doo-doo), I declared, not helping matters much, playing my dad card to instigate just a little.

Oh, the life of twentysomethings a couple years out of college.

As we were walking out to the parking lot, they ahead of us, I had to tell my dear daughter to stop and let me pull out the iPhone 4.

Your hair is getting really long, I said.

When did your hair grow down to there?

When did your hair grow down to there?

Aren’t I right?

She acted like it was no big news.

I like it. Long hair looks good on her. And I told my dear daughter so.

George apparently likes it, too. Look at that young man smile.

Smile, you two. The radiator is still attached to George's car.

Smile, you two. The radiator is still attached to George’s car.

Have you ever taken a good look at your grown kid and noticed a decision they’d made to change their look? What did you say?

26 thoughts on “Whoa! When did your hair get that long?

  1. Well, I’ve learned a few things NOT to blurt out, like when Gina bent over once to pick up something and I just asked when her butt got so big. WRONG!!!!! It wasn’t so bad when she showed up wearing glasses. I’ve worn them since 7th grade. Had hoped my kids would be spared, but….Also, when she showed up for a weekend home from college with her long, beautiful hair nearly shaved off. Heartbreak city. You have a beautiful daughter, Mark. Enjoy every minute with her. They move away and then you’re a grandpa, and a baby sitter, which is more fun, but you see your daughter as an adult then, not your little munchkin any more. She has munchkins of her own, but when you get lucky, you get to baby sit and spoil them rotten, then send them home for someone else to deal with. And suddenly have your daughter telling you if you don’t stop spoiling them she’ll make you pay for their therapy.


  2. My 16-year-old son has changed his look many times over the last year. Long hair, short hair. Clean-shaven, beard. He looks wonderful, no matter what, and so do all the people in your photos, Mark. Thanks for this post!


  3. Every time I see them I wonder where that kid went…. They haven’t made huge changes yet. But I have a feeling they are on their way!!!!

    I remember those days of wiring radiators to cars! (Though I never exactly did that). I wonder if they know they’ll look back on these days with total longing. 🙂


  4. yes, every so often i am taken aback by them and how they have grown or matured in some way. it never ends does it? and now, it’s the grand babies turn. by the way, what a pretty daughter you have and they make a cute couple. and i am hopeful for them holding up, as well as the radiator, i think we’ve all been there.


    • I am impressed that George could wire the radiator back in. That alone takes skill and savvy. You are lucky to be experiencing round two of the growing-up phase, Beth, even as round one never ends.


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