Rain, rain, go away, I’ll finish the ark in two more days

(From syracusenewtimes.com)

(From syracusenewtimes.com)

I know, the subject of Noah, the ark and all that water is not very funny.

All it takes to get very serious about the Biblical tale all over again is to see the trailer featuring Russell Crowe as the ark-builder.


And yet, as I ponder the epic cinematography to come in “Noah,” I can’t help but think of the funny little stand-up comedy bit from the 1960s on my favorite Bill Cosby album.

Noah! I want you to build an ark! …

Right. What’s a cupit?

In the trailer, serious things happen.

Anyway …

Also opening this weekend is the gnash-your-teeth action-drama of “Sabotage,” with Arnold Schwarzenegger leading a Drug Enforcement Agency squad that runs afoul of a drug cartel.

Bad things happen.

And, with the soft roll-out reaching cities the size of Syracuse at last, we have the arrival of “The Grand Budapest Hotel.”

The mind of moviemaker Wes Anderson gets a good and odd trailer workout with Ralph Fiennes as the old hotel’s concierge.

Funny things happen.

If you’d like to read my movies-opening preview on the Syracuse New Times site, click the link below.


Ark? Crime? Quirk? What see you?

20 thoughts on “Rain, rain, go away, I’ll finish the ark in two more days

  1. Since my weather forecasters are telling me rain is on the way, I’ll stay home and start building my ark out of my falling apart computer desk and the entertainment center I want to get rid of. With all the strange weather we’ve been having we will probably have some epic floods of our own this year. But if I went to movies, it would definitely be Noah.


  2. I will have to see the Budapest Hotel movie and also, Noah. I am always grateful when you ‘scout them out’ and review them, Mark! I liked an older movie called “The Best Exotic Marigolds Hotel” with some great British actors and actresses. It was set in India and had the young couple from the movie, “Slumdog Millionaire,” running the hotel. (Judi Dench, Maggie Smith and Tom Wilkinson are in it.) I recommend this as a library winner! Smiles, Robin


  3. Hi mark,we had a look at the Noah trailer – the film has no doubt messed about with the story – don’t movies always do that with books? – but the special effects look amazing. We had a look at the You Tube film that followed asking people what they knew about Noah – great Barry white and candles comment that had us laughing out loud.


      • it is, and this time i have to find the right friend or date or daughter to go with me who will appreciate it for all of its quirkiness. i’d be happy to comment, as i’m sure you know, to give you my take on it, as soon as i get a chance to see it. ) once a film publicist, always a film publicist, i know, but i just love movies and now i can see them purely for fun. )


      • well, it may be more on the opinion side than the knowledge side, but i always have an opinion and i usually find something to enjoy in most every one of them. even if they are horribly bad. )


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