Virtually time for the Masters

It's in the hole!

It’s in the hole!

Kingpin and I stepped up to the first tee at Augusta National last night.

The fairway on the screen was green as can be in the golfing booth in OptiGolf.

For our second virtual golf session between real rounds here in Syracuse, N.Y., my best friend and I decided to choose the computer rendering of the famous and so-exclusive course used for the first golfing major of the season, the Masters.

That’s me with my quirky pre-drive waggle above, and Kingpin with his steady address below.

You the man!

You the man!

It sure was fun in the golf haven inside the Syracuse mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA.

We particularly enjoyed playing the three-hole stretch known as Amen Corner.

And yes, several balls did end up in the famous winding water known as Rae’s Creek.

So darn realistic, this virtual golf can be.

Afterward, we retreated for dinner and a draft at the very embracing Gordon Biersch a couple of good three wood shots and two flights downstairs.

At least this morning's snow did not completely cover the forsythia in our front yard garden.

At least this morning’s snow did not completely cover the forsythia in our front yard garden.

This morning, I was greeted by the sight of sticking snow outside our Syracuse front door.

Kingpin and I hoped that we’d be out on a real course for the first time this season soon.

It won’t be Augusta, but it might be Masters week before we can get outside and swinging here in upstate New York. The big hubbub down Georgia way starts Monday, April 7.

24 thoughts on “Virtually time for the Masters

  1. Hope your golfing outing was a fun one. I know you’ve hit up the OptiGolf before, so it’s probably a fun time, but how is it as far as golfing goes? Are your swings picked up smoothly? I’m asking as a curious beginner.

    You can sure wear a fedora, Mark.


    • I find the OptiGolf cameras and sensors to make for a frighteningly realistic golf game, Chris. It picks up the slices and sky balls and chunked chips that litter my game. And thanks about the hat. I’m in the brat pack pf the golf world …


  2. I have never seen a virtual golf course/golfing. That looks like fun, but probably not as much fun as the real thing. More snow! I “predict” the snow will melt and spring will be there VERY soon!


  3. Seems so long ago that you wrote about putting your clubs away for the winter. … Waking up to flakes and 12 degrees doesn’t put spring in anyone’s step.


  4. i like that you went right for the masters. it looks like you both had a great time and i’m glad you retreated to a cold beer to go review the tournament. you should each get a green jacket. )


  5. Move the ball further up in your stance….
    Oh, flex those knees….
    Oh, and tuck in that elbow….
    Oh, you’re leaning into the ball too much….
    Oh….Nice hat.


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