And the NCAA Bracket answer is yes, most definitely



Here’s a special entering-round-two edition of “I can’t believe anybody searched this.”

Somebody googled this term today and ended up on one of my increasing number of NCAA Tournament bracket posts.

The curious soul wondered enough to type in and click somewhere: “Is it cheating to change my bracket.”

Now, I could say: It depends on if you’re playing in a pool or just filling it out to make watching on TV more interesting.

Or, I could say: It depends upon how much you like the folks who are in your bracket pool.

Perhaps I could say: It depends upon how good a hacker you are and how cleanly you can conceal your cyber steps.

But, no.


And for those of you who have been following my progress right along: After those glorious two nights of games, I have picked 22 of 32 games correctly. I am tied with my dear wife Karen. I no longer think I may win the pool we’re in. My bowling teammate Steve tops the standings with 28 right, and my best bud Kingpin is not far behind, in 11th place with 26. Karen and I are two-thirds down the list.

Enjoy the weekend games.

Do you still have a shot at winning your bracket pool?

Here’s the public domain source for that snazzy question mark art.

31 thoughts on “And the NCAA Bracket answer is yes, most definitely

  1. The only bracket I filled out is in a just for fun pool some people on another internet community put together. I am currently dead last out of 31 entries, despite not following CBB at all. So much for the blind squirrel theory of winning these things…


  2. i’m doing pretty well so far, with a couple of surprises, but i think it takes all of the fun and competition out of it, if you cheat on this. cheat on taxes, fine. cheat on my driver’s eye test, yep. but not on my ncaa brackets, i have my principles!


  3. I saved money this year by not getting around to do a bracket … I always pick my alma mater to win it all. Or should I say, my alma “matta.”


    • I know what the mortgage company gets. And I did not put in a bracket in that shot-in-the-dark because of the extensive questionnaire involved. As far as Warren, just more publicity he doesn’t really need. He’ll know how to transform it into dollars somehow, I suspect.


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