Another bracket buster in today’s game one

The Mercer players celebrate their NCAA Tournament win over Duke. (From my flat screen)

The Mercer players celebrate their NCAA Tournament win over Duke. (From my flat screen)

There will be no game three between Syracuse and Duke this year.

Mercer made sure of that.

Yes, it is a big upset, a No. 14 seed ousting a No. 3 seed.

But Syracuse fans likely aren’t upset about it all.

Speaking about brackets, I know stand at 11 games right out of 17.

My dear wife Karen has 13 correct, leading my by two.

One guy in our pool was perfect until Mercer’s victory over Duke just now, alone on top with 16 out of 17.

How many games do you have correct in your bracket?

19 thoughts on “Another bracket buster in today’s game one

  1. i’m doing pretty well, and my local competitor, dan, and i, are pretty well matched so far, fyi, i have the orange staying in for the long haul until i’ve pitted them against fla, where i have them losing. i did have some losses along the way, and duke was one of them. i had mich playing duke in my fantasy bracket plans. so much for that idea. i have mich losing against lville down the road. who do you have for your final four? i’ve got: louisville, az, fla, and mi st. (with az taking it all). one of the things that’s so fun about march madness is that anyone can win and the whole thing can change on a dime. one of the best organized tournament systems i think. i love march madness.


    • You have Syracuse going further than I do, Beth. I have the Orange winning today but losing to Kansas in Sweet Sixteen. I have your Michigan going to Elite Eight, vs. Louisville. My Final Four is Louisville vs. Arizona and North Carolina vs. Florida, with Florida beating Arizona for the national championship. As for Mich State, I have them losing to Virginia in Sweet Sixteen. My two best picks so far are Stephen F. Austin and Harvard upsets. Too many bad picks to mention. Karen and I are tied after last night! And yes, this tournament has it all every year. I love March Madness, too!


  2. Unfortunately, my being ill turned put a damper on my desire to concentrate on brackets. Still, filling one out for one’s own reference, hard to resist not doing so, seemed necessary. Despite it putting a dent in mine, I’m glad to see Mercer eke an upset out.

    Let’s go, Orange!


  3. As a longtime Duke fan, I now realize I am glad to have missed bracketology again this year.

    That said, I like when the underdog wins too 🙂


      • Hey, at the time I got into NCAA basketball, our only contribution to the ACC was UVA. The guy I liked was from Durham so there you go!

        Now, a few years ago, when VCU and Norfolk State went on their runs? That was pretty awesome 🙂


      • A couple decades ago, as I recall, the Richmond Spiders, seeded No. 15, upset second-seed Syracuse in the first round. Yes, that VCU team was pretty darn hot, too, Sheena.


      • Was it really that long ago? Wow. I remember chemistry class that next day we didn’t do any work, just discussed the game.

        Here’s to more exciting games to come!


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