For those who like to go fast and those who like to join clubs



Can a movie trailer get you car sick?

I felt somewhat on the verge watching the cut-cut-cut to the chases in the preview for the racy “Need for Speed.”

But I did feel assured by the fact that never have a had to race myself for the big bucket at a theater, not even during the classic “Bullit” with Steve McQueen. If I can make it through the hills of San Francisco …

Tyler Perry’s world is visited in the other opening movie this weeekend.

“The Single Mom’s Club” promises comfort and courage from groups.

If you’d like to read my entire movie preview on the Syracuse New Times site, click the link below.

Do you get thrills from car chase scenes? Can you empathize with moms on a mission?

22 thoughts on “For those who like to go fast and those who like to join clubs

  1. I always liked the car scene in San Francisco with Steve McQueen. I am also happy that they decided to have a McQueen in the “Cars” movies. This was a fun post, I get dizzy and nauseous but take Dramamine so I can handle different situations. Smiles, Robin


  2. the original ‘italian job’ had my fav car chase scene ever with the mini coopers. did get a bit dizzying at times and i do tend to get motion sick so i always have to take dramamine when flying or on a boat and cannot go on spinning rides anymore –


  3. I did feel a little sick when I watched Bourne Ultimatum – the car chase very nearly got me there. Perhaps I ought to keep to the small scene when it comes to fast action 😉


  4. I have no need for speed at all!! I do love moms clubs and have been in several over the years. I prefer to take life slow and smell the roses…LOL


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