Getting my mental game ready for fore months

On the floor of SRC Arena in Syracuse, golfers make plans for a better game.

On the floor of SRC Arena in Syracuse, golfers make plans for a better game.

Golfing nomads wandered around the floor of SRC Arena in Syracuse.

They were in search of a better golf game.

There were plenty of exhibitors ready to lend a hand with new equipment available for purchase.

Clubs, balls, shoes, carts, clothes …

In other words, go home and think spring.

Which I did without buying anything except my ticket into the annual show.

That was a deal, too.

If you’d like to find out why I think $10 was a bargain, read my community blog post about the Syracuse Golf Show on the site for Syracuse Public Media, click the link below.

Do you start planning your golf season when it’s still winter, or do you just go out there and hit the ball when it gets green?

9 thoughts on “Getting my mental game ready for fore months

  1. Gee, Mark, I couldn’t hit a golf ball if it was staring me in the face. My game is kick the computer. Or whatever other thing around here that doesn’t work right. Probably why my feet are always bruised and my toe is infected. Keep trying to make people think I hit things by accident, but, well…..


  2. you’ve hit a hole in one once again, with your title, mark. golf is a game i’d love to learn. i’ve hit some buckets of balls, and i’m pretty good at mini-golf, so i may be half way there )


    • You are halfway there. Putting and whacking shots is the foundation of golf, Beth. And getting out there to enjoy the nature setting of the course can’t be beat. I call it ‘communing’ as my buddies and I play golf.


  3. I am not a golfer but can see that you are happily anticipating the season and getting prepared! I like miniature golf and getting a bucket and just walloping them, when I need to let off steam, Mark!


  4. I don’t plan my golfing season but I do plan my ‘lay out by the pool’ season with great care. A full bottle of SPF 50 sunscreen, gigantic sunglasses, cozy towel that’s extra long so that it covers the entire beach chair, book, magazines, tiny speakers for iPod and of course a fully stocked cooler for tasty beverages so as I don’t dehydrate. But in terms of golfing, I offer to be your golf cart driver.


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