This award come in sevens, an amazing bundle

The woman behind the site simplyilka bestowed upon me the most complicated WordPress Award I’ve ever seen.

Ilka is a scientist, environmentalist and medical writer who likes to share her thoughts with the world through blogging.

It would be a smart idea for you to click over and check out her blog.

Ilka informed me that she’s named me among her select 15 bloggers to receive The Seven Awards. It’s bundling better than any insurance company or telecommunications giant has ever come up with.

In one sudden acceptance, I now have the badges of all seven of the WordPress Awards pictured below. Some are duplicates. That’s OK with me.

And I am quite proud to be the first-time owner of The Reader Appreciation, Cracking Chrispmouse Bloggywog and Shine On awards.

The tagline for the mouthful that is Cracking Chrispmouse Bloggywog is: spreading joy, peace, hope and love. That’s a worthwhile mission if I ever heard of one.

Sevens part one

Sevens part two

Here are the rules for The Seven Awards:

1. Display the logos on your sidebar. (I bent that a bit, and put them on my “About and Awards” page instead.)

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State seven things about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 bloggers for the award.

5. Notify the nominees about their nominations.

More about me (And because I just did the ABC Award alphabetize disclosure, finding fresh material will not be easy):

1. I just went over the 300-follower mark here on WordPress.

2. That took me one year. I hope that number continues to grow. The more, the merrier, I say.

3. I really, really like the people I will nominate below. I never thought that blogging could lead to WordPress friendships.

4. I like when the blogs I follow post old pictures of themselves and their families and friends. I am going to look for some from my past.

5. I do wonder if the bloggers I nominate are getting sick of this award process. I have made every attempt to keep “No Awards, please” bloggers off my list of nominations.

6. I do wonder if I am getting sick of this award process. I have yet to hung a shingle of refusal anywhere on my blog.

7. I do hope that my continued acceptance and subsequent nominations helps bloggers discover new sites that will interest them. That is, of course, the point.

Here are my 15 nominees. They are cool. They are hot. They are honest. They are passionate. They are why it takes me hours to get through my Reader. Check out their blogs.

There you have it. I have managed to add some new honorees from my last nomination go-round. That means I’ve left some great blogging friends off. If you’re insulted, please click comment and bawl me out. That way you’re gravatar will still be on this page, and everybody will be happy. If I’ve nominated you and a WordPress Award is the last thing you’d ever want to dive into, please click comment and tell me so. I will promise to never again include you on any said list.

In any case, please click the links above and the gravatars below and have a read-a-balloo. Times seven.

20 thoughts on “This award come in sevens, an amazing bundle

  1. Thank You Thank You Thank You! I always appreciate the nominations! And: I am right there with ya on old pictures and just random photos in general. As much as I like to make fun of selfies, it really is fun to get the rare glimpse into a blogger’s non-internet life.


  2. wooo-hooo! and this is a day full of award acceptances for you – get a room! (for your awards) congrats on every single one of them, my friend – beth


  3. Congratulations Mark! You are incredible! And deserve every award! Thank you for including me. You are always SO good to me. 🙂

    (I am very BAD about posting award passings ons to others. Actually, I am HORRIBLE about it. But only because of time constraints!)


  4. Congrats and thanks for sharing the love with me again, Mark! Isn’t it funny how we can make friends here on WP? That was one of the nicest surprises I found about blogging. And nice job on the 300 followers! Sure to double by your second anniversary! Happy to know you and the corner of the world in which you live! 🙂


  5. Dear Mark, many thanks for this complicated award! I am very touched to be in your top 15. I have been remiss to send out a couple of others…..better get on this today! Big, cold, upstate smiles!


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