Another snowy day touches down in Syracuse

Norwood Park in Syracuse, N.Y., as a snow squall blows through.

Norwood Park in Syracuse, N.Y., as a snow squall blows through.

Temperatures steadily in the 40s.

One day in the 50s.

Snow melting from the roofs of our Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

Counting the days ’til March with the fingers on one hand.

The big tease in our part of the world is over.

Wicked winter ’13-14 rolled through again Monday, with a quick, efficient snow squall that brought a curtain of white. Within minutes, every inch of everything was covered by snow again.

Ellie B, aka Dogamous Pyle, and I decided to take our daily walk anyway.

With temperatures again below the freezing mark and the wind whipping pretty good, we didn’t opt for the big loop. We made it to Norwood Park, a couple blocks over. As Ellie sniffed the no-longer-dirty-brown drifts, I decided that I liked the way the snow looked touching down on the Eastwood Bears youth league football field.

I pulled out my iPhone 4 to capture the return of the white wall.

The snow stopped shortly thereafter, but winter had come back with a strong statement nevertheless. The high will be in the 20s today and Wednesday, and in the teens Thursday and Friday. Saturday, the forecast calls for a level 32 as we welcome March, the month in which spring officially arrives.

But, wait. The TV weather guy just said: “Staying below normal for the foreseeable future.” How far in the future do you see, sir?

On this Tuesday morning, it is a new two-day streak of snowfall in Syracuse, N.Y.

On this Tuesday morning, it is a new two-day streak of snowfall in Syracuse, N.Y.

Does that first tease of warm weather leave you feeling better or worse when the snow and cold returns?

40 thoughts on “Another snowy day touches down in Syracuse

  1. I thought these photos and your post was a great way to get us to appreciate our own weather! I feel so bad for you, though! I am also sorry that I wrote about the green popping out, it seemed to make the weather turn on us! I am so glad we only have had a ‘dusting’ of snow, so far! The cold always feels colder once you have had the warmth! I feel this way, in answer to your ? Smiles, Robin


  2. I have to admit I enjoyed the sun and shine and ‘warmth’. But I would rather (as if I have a choice) have winter all in one fell swoop without teasing of spring/summer. Just be here then be gone! 😉


  3. oh, mark, i’m so sorry, i can feel your pain. i don’t think the weatherman is able to see in the foreseeable future, because there is too much snow blowing around and he can’t see 2 feet in front of his face. love the pics.


  4. The first tease of warm is beyond cruel! It happened just this past weekend in Nashville. And while it’s not nearly as cold as it is in your neck of the woods, it will be 30 degrees chillier tomorrow than it was on Sunday. Hurry up Spring!


  5. The beautiful nuisance that snow and cold temperatures are. I’m ready to move on despite not skiing this year.

    My reader is filled as well. I feel like a horrible dedicated reader due to my commenting less, but I hit like to let people know I’m still reading.


  6. Ugh… I looked up the forecast this morning for my upcoming trip and saw it was probably not going to get above freezing for the next week and a half! Enough already! I watched a squirrel build a nest in my backyard yesterday and took it as a sign that Spring might actually be right around the corner. Looks like nature’s meteorologists can’t even predict crappy weather pattern!


  7. Snow is so beautiful until you have to be out shoveling it, clearing the cars of it, and driving on it. It has been beautiful here for a week now. I am loving it! Except that means our fruit trees will bloom and the big freeze will come again and kill the blossoms.


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