In ‘3 Days to Kill,’ CIA guy Kevin Costner aims to win back his daughter



There’s a scene in ‘3 Days to Kill’ when the CIA agent played by Kevin Costner reaches down and scoops a loved one into his protective arms.

Yes, thoughts of “The Bodyguard” and the much-missed Whitney Houston jumped into my mind.

In different scenes, Costner’s agent Renner tries to figure out how to connect with his wife.

Yes, thoughts of “Tin Cup” and my much-loved fictional hard-head golfer Roy McAvoy and his quest to win over the head doc played by Rene Russo zoomed into my brain.

In ‘3 Days to Kill,’ Costner tries to be part macho protector and part sensitive soul as he faces health and moral issues.

I liked the family man way better than the gun-shooter.

If you’d like to read my whole review on the Syracuse New Times site, click the link below.

Do you have a favorite Kevin Costner movie? Which one and why?

12 thoughts on “In ‘3 Days to Kill,’ CIA guy Kevin Costner aims to win back his daughter

  1. your review made me want to see this 2 for 1 movie, mark, i think i’ll enjoy both sides of it, though of course his more human side will draw me in. as for my fav, is has to be when he was crash in bull durham.


  2. Mark, thank you, thank you, thank you. I have a new blog now. Angie’s Place is history, but now it’s Kentucky Angel’s Train Wrecks. I had been trying to get in touch with the support group for weeks, but they ignored me. You got their attention. I’m having to re-learn how to do this again, while recovering from joint replacement surgery after breaking my left shoulder, so it’s really like starting all over for real, but I’ll get there eventually. Got PT coming in to torture me in a few, so gotta go. Check me out if you can find the new site. And thanks again and again.



    • Angie! Receiving this comment makes my day. I was very worried about your absence from WordPress for so long.

      I will look up the new blog now.

      Recuperate from that shoulder surgery, friend, and hope for spring to arrive in Kentucky soon.

      I was glad to reach out to WordPress support on your behalf. That’s what friends are for.


      • I think we’re all family here. Now to find Don Charisma, Ann Bell, and all the rest. Might have to Google them, or start fighting the computer, or just take a Xanax and go to bed and get some sleep. And take that pain pill to help me recover from today’s session.

        Been thinking about spring though. I’m almost afraid this may be the 10 year flood cycle spring. If so I’ll have to chop up the furniture to build a boat.


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