No, the sky wasn’t falling

Blue sky, fallen siding.

Blue sky, fallen siding.

Up from the roof, there came such a clatter.

Wait! Santa long sleeping

What could be the matter?

Falling ice, perhaps.

When that comes down, you scatter.

Alas, with a sky so blue

I look overhead to find

Vinyl siding, broken, at least it did not shatter.

It will stay that way until spring, I think, when I will call our handyman to climb his big ladder.

20 thoughts on “No, the sky wasn’t falling

    • Thank you for the hilarious and filling click, Sandra.

      My favorite of all of those fortunes is the one: “Help. I am being held captive at a fortune cookie factory.” What does that say about me? I’ll have to eat Chinese for lunch at open my fortune cookie to find out, I suppose.

      Thanks for spotting my pattern and presenting my way out of it!


  1. This is too bad, I think this is just not fair! Teams losing and the roof/sky is truly falling around you! So glad it wasn’t worse, though! ice is causing multiple damages. Take it easy, Mark! Robin


  2. the sky is falling, the sky is falling!!! oh, so sorry it really did. twice for you in one day, mark. and like you, the orange will have to wait a bit, repair their siding, and move on to a better day.


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