‘Winter’s Tale’ requires too much of a leap

(From syracusenewtimes.com)

(From syracusenewtimes.com)

A horse is a horse, of course, of course.

Except that in ‘Winter’s Tale,’ the evil Pearly, played with true darkness by Russell Crowe, calls it a dog.

And so it goes in this fantasy that also stars Colin Farrell and Jessica Brown Findlay as fated lovers in chase of a miracle.

The story jumps a century. Farrell, the beautiful white horse and one more character take that leap.

It’s confusing in both time periods.

If you’d like to read my complete review on the Syracuse New Times site, click the link below.


18 thoughts on “‘Winter’s Tale’ requires too much of a leap

  1. oh, no, i really love romantic time travel movies, this sounds like a bit of a mess though, after reading your review, and i trust your judgement. i ended up seeing ‘the great beauty,’ the italian entry for best foreign film in the oscars race. kind of dreamy, trippy ‘la dolce vita’ isn, but beautifully shot.


    • ‘The Great Beauty’ was off my radar, but now it’s in my vision, because I trust your judgment, too, Beth. I am a big fan of beautifully shot. I think you might like ‘Winter’s Tale’ enough to warrant the pah-per-view or Red Box rental. It, too, has some beautiful scenes, but the plot was just too loose for me.


      • yes, i kind of had passed it into the free library rental pile in my mind. as for ‘beauty’, it is beautiful and is a love letter to rome, just make sure you are in the mood when you see it, heavy on the dialogue, and irony, and unusually put together scenes. definitely very european in style but with a message. i went with a date and he hated it. )


      • I will wait for Netflix or HBO, I think, but I do want to see it when I’m in a European mood. Your date gave it a bad review, though. I hope he didn’t squirm and yawn too much throughout.


      • well, the running time is 140 some minutes, and you really have to be the kind of person who enjoys symbolism and off the wall things in film to sit through it. a rental is a good idea, get a bottle of red wine, a pizza, hunker down with karen and enjoy. interesting to see if it will win the oscar. not the date’s fault on this one, it’s not really the kind of movie he likes, so he was pretty kind to indulge me and be tolerant. he had a huge craving for italian food after so we ate pasta and he was happy )


  2. I am trusting your review and will wait until it is out on dvd, at the library or redbox! I can invest in other ‘better’ movies! I am disappointed, though! Thanks for letting us know before we ‘wasted’ our movie money on this one! Smiles for your wordplay interaction (above with ross)! Robin


    • Now, Robin, just because I didn’t like it doesn’t mean you won’t. There’s no accounting for (my) taste. But I think Redbox wait is good for this one. And thanks on the compliment for my wordplay with Ross.


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