Get your Seahawks, Syracuse, Sox, Yanks, Mets stuff now

Good day-after Super Bowl, post-win-over-Duke marketing by Syracuse sports store.

Good day-after Super Bowl, post-win-over-Duke marketing by Syracuse sports store.

I know good marketing when I see it.

My Favorite Sports Store had a quick thinker out front on Monday morning.

The T-shirt, jersey, collectable and more emporium in the Syracuse, N.Y., mega shopping, entertainment and dining complex Destiny USA had a full table of boxes out front.

To the left sat Seattle Seahawks stuff, some 12 hours after they’d beaten the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII.

To the right sat Syracuse University stuff, less than two full days after the Orange had defeated new ACC rival Duke in overtime.

And in the middle sat stuff from the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and New York Mets, the trio of Major League Baseball teams who have devoted followings in Central New York. Yes, pitchers and catchers report — perhaps the most beloved words of winter — for spring training in less than two weeks.

So, you ask, what was in those team-logo-emblazoned boxes?

Tissues, of the facial variety, though fans of said teams have had nothing to cry over lately. The price tag said $3.99. But there was a sign declaring that everything could be had for 30 percent off. Now that’s nothing to sneeze at.

What is the favorite piece of memorabilia you own, sports or otherwise? What is the oddest?

18 thoughts on “Get your Seahawks, Syracuse, Sox, Yanks, Mets stuff now

  1. I just have the standard issue t-shirts for my teams. I am still looking for the perfect O’s cap before we go back up there this year. I thought I found one last year, saw it across the way at one of the stands in the concourse. Ran over to it…yeah, it was a kid’s hat LOL.


    • Having lived in Maryland for six years in Mark’s Wayback Machine, I can proudly say that my favorite Orioles hat is the one with the goofy bird on it. I did not agree when somebody told them to go to the ornithologically correct bird.


      • I think that hat would have looked perfect on you, Sheena. By the way, a question. I think I saw Merry call you another name in a reply to your comment on her blog this morning. What would you like me to call you?


      • I tried, but it didn’t fit LOL

        Merry knows my real name. I don’t care which one you call me, just on my own blog I try to limit it to Sheena. Which is silly, considering I have pictures up, but in my mind it limits the likelihood of specific people finding me. (I will just say technological ignorance is bliss in this case 🙂 )


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