We sort of find out what would happen if a ‘Frankenstein’ surfaced today

(From syracusenewtimes.com)

(From syracusenewtimes.com)

‘I, Frankenstein’ starts with the monster roaming the land 200 years ago, taking care of business, settling scores.

It was kind of comforting to think it was so far in the past.

But somehow, Adam Frankenstein surfaces in the present.

Now that’s a scary thought.

The man-made monster meets gargoyles and demons and finds himself as somewhat of a fulcrum in the battle of good and evil.

It’s a fast moving hour-and-a-half with plenty of big and bold special effects. It is not, however, a Frankenstein classic.

If you’d like to read my entire review on the Syracuse New Times sit, click the link below.


8 thoughts on “We sort of find out what would happen if a ‘Frankenstein’ surfaced today

  1. Thanks for the honest review, Mark. Eckart’s return to bigger Hollywood films (I don’t know where he’s been lately…) could have taken a different route. How was the dialogue and characterization?

    It’s reassuring that the movie is just over an hour-and-a-half, but it would be hard to develop characters (especially if the audience is unfamiliar with the graphic novel) and sympathize with them.

    Another concern: did Bill Nighy play his typical evil role? I feel sometimes his “evil” characters are typecast.

    Yvonne is in this? Hmm.. (raises an eyebrow). I’ll keep it PG at that..


    • It was all rather clipped and dry to me, the character development and dialogue, to leave space for the effects. If you’re into these things, I’d see it in the 3D version. And, Chris, yes, Bill Nighy was his evil self.


      • Bummer… The extent of special effects that I enjoy was seen in the move “Gravity” where the effects were not boisterous and they were subtly unreal. I will wait for it to hit the shelves (I was going to say “video” haha), and that’s a maybe.

        I love stories, not special effects. Separates me from the typical guy.

        Thanks, again, Mark!


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