And it’s back to a green backyard — and holdout rose bush — in Syracuse

Ellie B gets her grass back.

Ellie B gets her grass back.

Syracuse was embraced by temperatures in the 50s Saturday. Unfortunately, the unseasonable warmth for Jan. 11 was accompanied most of the daylight hours by rain.

No walking for me and Ellie B, aka Dogamous Pyle. Besides, we had to watch Syracuse dispatch North Carolina from the Carrier Dome on the flatscreen. The Orange remained undefeated at 16-0 with frightening ease, I might add.

This Sunday morning is still gray. Forecasts call for the high 30s, but I noticed a stray flake or two as I allowed Ellie B out to the backyard.

The snow is completely gone out back, and Ellie seemed to enjoy having her green earth back in our Syracuse city neighborhood.

The pile where I threw the shoveled snow from my driveway is hanging in out front, though, as is the one stubborn garden rose stem that refuses to go brown this year.

Isn't it still October? So wonders this lone rose in Syracuse.

Isn’t it still October? So wonders this lone rose in Syracuse.

Have you been feeling a seasonal yo-yo effect this year? Does that influence your mood?

22 thoughts on “And it’s back to a green backyard — and holdout rose bush — in Syracuse

  1. Ah, well I’m glad you at least got a break from the bitter cold– even if it was raining. We hit 60 degrees today! I couldn’t believe it, I was dancing around and laid out a weeks worth of dresses to wear to work (changing weather forecast be damned). I am ready for this cold weather to disappear. Unless it can get bad enough that I can skip work and then I don’t mind it 😉


  2. You’re where we are, too. But I hate getting my hopes up – after all it is still mid January. We got in some very warm temps all of a sudden and some rain. It’s a muddy mess out there.


  3. Mark, I’m not sure if i mentioned this – ‘I am fed up with the rain’ ! Your rose is doing well and I’m glad your team won.


  4. Yes! Temps cold enough to close and delay schools through Thursday, freezing rain on Friday and Saturday was near 70 and rainy.

    I don’t mind cold weather. I don’t mind warm weather. I just wish it would stay constant for once.


  5. first of all, congrats to the orange. for now. and as for the weather and that rose, i feel a bit battered by the crazy weather systems moving in and out, but i am still standing, leaves and all.


    • Yes, the Orange were pretty formidable against the Heels. They haven’t lost since your Wolverines beat them in the Final Four, Beth! And, about this wild and wooly weather, I have no problem considering you the winter rose of Ann Arbor.


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