The movies of 2013: good, not, and darn, I missed it



It’s been a rewarding seven months since I happily accepted the role of the Syracuse New Times’ first film blogger.

Two posts a week have kept me connected to what’s opening. I’ve seen many, many trailers.

I’ve had the difficult task of picking one movie a week for review.

With 2014 steaming down the track — that reminds me of “The Lone Ranger” — I’ve taken the opportunity to pick my favorite films of the year. As a bonus, I tacked on a few of my least favorite, and several that I’m sorry I missed on the big screen.

No spoilers here.

If you’re interested, you’ve got to go to the site that pays me for this work.

If you’d like to see my lists of favorite, least favorite and want-to-catch-still movies of 2013 on the Syracuse New Times site, click the link below.

Feel free to come back here and dispute my judgment in the comment section.

20 thoughts on “The movies of 2013: good, not, and darn, I missed it

  1. I’m not a huge movie goer. However I’ve probably seen more movies this year than the five previous years combined. I loved loved loved Philomena. Maybe because of my heavy reading in to Irish history I was familiar with a lot of what the movie was about. “The Heat” was fantastic, I’ll go see anything with them in it. And I look forward to “42” and “The Butler”. And….maybe some others. But unless I can watch it on the treadmill or bike, It may take me a while to catch these. 🙂


  2. Your list is proof that Dave and I are not getting out to see enough movies. The only one on your list that we saw was “42” – an excellent movie. Several that you listed you excellent. Hope we can still catch a few of them on the big screen.

    Not sure if you’re able to correct it, but you’ve got the trailer for “Philomena” listed twice – the 2nd time under “The Way, Way Back.”


  3. nice work mark and here’s to another year of film and fun. i think i told you that my old ad job was pr for film and entertainment and worked w the critics daily. you are up there with the best of them. )


    • You did tell me about your PR work within the film and entertainment world, Beth, and that connection makes your compliment mean so very much to me. Thank you. And I second your toast: Here’s to another year of film and fun.


  4. Can’t go to see them on the large screen unless I can find my ear plugs, but I love Sandra Bullock and I really want to see Philomena, when it comes out on DVD. Never did like Brad Pitt, so you made a good call there, just based on the fact that he was in it. I’m glad you have a job you enjoy. My dream job at this point would be a mystery diner. Tried the film critic, but don’t like the trash I had to watch or the noise level, so stuck with nursing profession until too afraid I would fall and take a patient down with me. But now, going to restaurants on someone else’s dollar sounds like the best.


    • Yes, the film blogger portion of my life is enjoyable, Angie. Good luck finding a mystery diner gig. I think that’s a popular choice for “dream job.” (And hard work when done properly, in my opinion.)


  5. Yay! The Way Way Back is in there! Will it get nominated for a whole bunch of stuff? What are your predictions?
    I’ll bet the Oscars are fun around your house. When I lived in the city, I made a Big Deal of the Oscars. My gay BFF brought all his friends over, we got all dressed up and dished like crazy about the red carpet. I served divine food and drinks.
    Here in the suburbs I have no gays. Where are the gays? I need a gay BFF. My gay BFF is still one of my closest and dearest friends.

    Do you keep up with documentaries? This one looks amazing – I’m not clear if it’s been released or not – I think they’re still raising funds for it..


    • This will be my first Oscars as a film blogger, Samara, so I will have to start new traditions. In years past, I got all hyped up to write immediately after the Grammys broadcast. I don’t know what will be nominated for what by the Oscar people. I’m hoping that my list of favorites will be represented, our course!


  6. Congrats on your role, Mark! Sounds like a fun one to have. I agree with your assessment of ‘Now You See Me’, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by ‘Gravity’. It’s pretty amazing and Sandy B is great! (glad to see she’s on your list with ‘The Heat’, as well)


  7. I clearly have some catching up to do! The only one of those that I’ve seen is “42” (LOVE). I really want to see “About Time”… I need to trick my boyfriend into watching it with me. I’ll just focus on the time traveling aspect of it 😉 I’m sure he’ll appreciate that about as much as the inevitable sobbing I’ll be doing.


    • Yes, that’s a great plan, Aussa. Tell your boyfriend that I say it’s way cool to see the nerdy dude go into the closet in one year and come out in another. “About Time” should make you both happy.


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