Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson bring us all back magically in ‘Saving Mr. Banks’



On an early Sunday afternoon in Syracuse, N.Y., the movie theater was filled with people who remember the magic of “Mary Poppins” on the big screen and “The Wonderful World of Disney” on the small screen.

“Saving Mr. Banks” took us all deliciously back to those grand times. People even sat through the credits, which were accompanied by a reel-to-reel tape recording of the sessions between author P.L. Travers and Disney’s top movie makers. The theater-goers clapped at the end.

Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson and the whole cast were superb in bringing everybody back to 1961, a time when LA was a place full of wonder for everybody except the woman visiting from London hellbent on protecting her beloved novel nanny.

To read my full review on the Syracuse New Times site, click the link below.

19 thoughts on “Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson bring us all back magically in ‘Saving Mr. Banks’

  1. wonderful review mark, and i look forward to seeing this. i remember seeing mary poppins when it first came out, all those years ago, and loved it. it will be nice to know the story behind it.


      • Well I couldn’t wait to get back home after seeing this movie. I knew I would love it! I related to her immediately. Well, maybe I didn’t exactly ‘relate’ to her. As much as I knew immediately what it meant to her. I loved the movie. Even if I was a little disappointed to come home and read up on ‘her’ and discover the movie may not have been ‘exactly’ accurate. But I loved it! 🙂


      • That’s why they make movies, to mold the facts in the most entertaining manner possible. I guess I won’t complain on this one. The movie was much fun. Glad you agree, Colleen.


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